1370-1415 stronghold honing research for alts

Are we getting this stronghold honing research buff when valtan release just like KR and RU?If we are please tell us, we need to save mats for our alts!!


EDIT: Since it seems people are going to keep insulting me over this post I guess i need to write this out for people. Yes, I understand stronghold honing research and a straight up honing rate increases are different things.

I’m just sharing the most relevant info we have, which in addition to the may patch being laid out for us already makes me assume neither honing buff will be coming, but we won’t know for sure until the patch drops or a CM comments, it could easily be one of the hidden changes that usually accompanies a patch.

My guess is the stronghold honing research will come when we get to 1460 content.

OP is writing about Stronghold research, do read posts before replying to them

I read the post just fine thanks, I shared the most relevant info we have, which to me in addition to the may update post not mentioning anything about it means it likely won’t happen, but they’ve done stuff that wasn’t in notes before so it’s entirely possible it does.

Isn’t it a 1340-1370 buff?

Stronghold research is seperate from the “Honing buff”. But it’ll probably come with Vykas at the earliest.

1370-1415 for the 1460 research

Translation, they want you to buy mats $$$$

well my 2 cents:

  1. NO honing buffs but more mats mean that the frustration will stay just the same and thats the MAIN reason i personally prefer honing buffs…
    overall either method will help, but the honing buffs are the “healthier” option for the community overall, but obviously will reduce the p2w-enticement

  2. “more materials” … in addition to the ArkPass? because a LOT of people that play the game even somewhat often will finish the ArkPass within 4 weeks tops (i personally already finished it without buying any of the xp btw)

would be nice to get some info on what the “more materials” entails (at least in the form of a sneak-peak)

This is very specifically not what OP is asking about.

Odds are high, yes.