1370 Deathblade - What to craft First

Should I be crafting Dilegence gloves or shoulders first (or weapon) I was going to do harsh for weapon?

Dilegence all. You don’t have enough crit for Harsh generally. Do not craft weapon. Just craft 5 argos armor and Chosen weapon (Abyss dungeon Weapon)

Yes but I only did x1 Argos run so wondering what is best choice for the first item?

All of them are about the same. If you want more damage then craft gloves since they give highest dmg stat. Chest if you want more hp
Also I recommend you buy 2 busses to get the remaining set pieces. But I only recommend to buy bus if it costs less than 2k.

generally speaking you craft the weapon using the oreha materials and then 2 pieces of the oreha set. then 3 pieces of argos

why not 5 pieces of argos? because the 5 piece set requires other people to work and most people are not going to waste argos blood on that when its such a good source of bound GHLs. meaning the set bonus will largely never proc.

so the 2 piece argos set that fits your class the most, then 1 extra piece just because its “Cheaper” too buy the box one more time in argos then to lessen the gold you get from oreha hard during week 2.

your primarly just trying to get a full legendary set so you can hone your way to 1415+ and start building up the valtan bones and vykas wings to buy your relic set at 1445.

relic set is the real endgame for your any class.

As a deathblade you will be chasing every available crit rate you can find so you will need the 5 piece of Preordained Diligence set and one from the chosen set which is the weapon because the 5 argos set cost less argos blood like this. Also dont belive everything that is posted in the forum, you will need the 5 set argos bonus because you can proc the crit rate buff all alone, only the crit damage buff needs another player.