1370 dungeons atm r sadge

there a fucking joke atm i knew this was going to happen but not to this extent lmao


In party finder we trust, my friend, join us


For oreha: yes
For argos: OH HEEEEEELL NO im getting into the next bus

Hahaha yo i feel you. It’s finally time to create parties for Oreha

Screw parties for oreha xD just join your friends doing card runs^^

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idk, I think is worth it, at the very least 1 time. You still get profit even if you open the chest, and can craft 3 pieces of armor, by the second week a complete set.

Generally the bus prices for argos is fair where your essentially getting the same gold as if you cleared Phase 1 only (900). Right now its beneficial to get a bus really.

And by clearing phase 3 in the first 2 weeks, you get the full 5pc argos set and on week 1 you can have a full 6pc legendary set when you combine the 3 from argos with the 3 from oreha.

Same people who asked for 1415 super express event are now complaining about newbie arcanas at 1370

I’ve never been, but this makes it sound like I shouldn’t try, as I’d gather someone like me would be the problem. I think I will just be content to be 1370, though I imagine someday they will add more story and assume I’m further along and will be stuck, like when you don’t buy an MMO expansion.

Watched a video. Looked intense. First thing it said: no stagger. Looked at all my abilities, and everything except 3 stagger. :disappointed:

Is specially worth it if you have a lot of alts and don’t plan to get them to 1400 for the time being, And even so, also saves a lot of time.

Its part of the reason its so hard to find phase 1 and especially phase 2 groups these days. Just better to be bussed.

Did you need to do Argos gate1 seperate week or how is it with that?
Not sure if you at 1370 could just jump into bus for 1+2+3 or if it was first gate-1 then wait week?

You can do a full phase 1-3 fight right away. The argo’s dungeon isn’t technically a “gate system”

there still as bad as ever really enjoying myself

Felt this all day yesterday, party finder for these maybe YEP. :expressionless: