1370 express pass is not the way you bring in new players

Your friends with 0 eng 0gold 0roster 0skill potions 0experience 0pain from playing story can just enjoy the story yoho p1 argos until they are prepared for valtan

You are correct – the 1370 Express Pass is not the way to bring new players into the game. It is also not being released in order to bring new players into the game.

There are a large amount of players that drop out of the game after reaching T3, as well as Argos. This will help those players through the next step to reach the Legion Raid content that Lost Ark is known for globally, and for other hardcore folks it can be useful for leveling alts. Players in this version of the game utilize alt characters the least out of any region, and this can assist a bit for those that are more into the late game.


Wait @Roxx does that mean we will have the express honing buff for 1340 gear (which goes all the way to item level 1415. Since this express pass will help people reach legion raids which is 1415, not 1370

Argos is 1370, Legion Raids are 1415…

The amount of resources required to go from 1370-1415 is about 2.5x what it takes to go from 1302-1370.


I know it’s not your call or anything Roxx but by that logic getting the 1415 hyper express would help those players reach Legion Raid content faster and make everyone happy lol

Yup, I am aware. It’s still a stepping stone for those that drop out at T3.

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Are you able to confirm that the express honing bonuses stop at 1370 and do not continue until 1415? In other words it will only work on 1302 gear and not the 1340 gear you get from Argos/Oreha Hard mode. Many players are wondering about this

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U know that if u save money/mats from 1302 to 1370 + whatever u get as finishing reward will help u reach 1415 faster since… u know… u now have more mats/gold still available that u didnt have to use

You beat me to it. Bless you.

Also @Roxx, are there really that many players who are “further along” that need help with alts? I would suspect that there’s quite a bit more players who drop out of the game before ever reaching Argos because T1-early T3 experience is so awful. Has the team discussed, in any detail, releasing the Global Honing Buff, which each region would have had by now (content wise, that is)?

100% this. Millenials can’t appreciate anything!


So you just tell the plls that drop out with one char, that they should drop out having 2 Chars in Argos?

at this points, im just thankful that they give us a pass :upside_down_face:

We have no idea if there even is a big finishing reward. Expresses don’t usually have that. Ours was kind of a unique exception.

There is 1 thing that is significantly different in our versions of the game: honingbuff.
But this can’t be correlated in any way?
Maybe if they are not correlated, maybe one is a causality of the other one? :stuck_out_tongue:

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While I usually can understand a lot of the decisions made, I don’t see how getting someone to Argos p1 will help them get to Valtan that is still a huge empty space of honing that person needs to try tuff it out in before they can reach the retention point. And if they have already quit once and are coming back to try out the new event they will most likely quit again absent the experience of player retaining content ( legion raids )

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Dunno if u know but there were full threads of people complaining that to progress further than 1370 u had to craft gear from oreha hard/ argos and didnt get it in chaos anymore

Pretty sure those kind of people are the ones leaving

What does it has to do with millenials?

1370 is just nothing. You get that pretty fast. 1415 would be way better.

I thought the plan was to catch up to Korea pretty fast… but if we continue with that speed, we will eventually get Brelshaza next year… cmon. Its pretty boring rn. The game feels pretty unfinished.

Just speed things up. A 1415 express event would mean, that the average will get to valtan and from this they get to vykas faster.

And as higher the average of players start, the faster we can get better content. Imagine the average would be 1445. We could get clown next week.

Its just a bit sad, that everything is pretty slow. I barely log in anymore, since its just the boring daily grind.

and what? Then be stuck in Argos P1 and yoho simulator yet again for all the millions of alts people have or even new mains. But it is what it is

Guys, it’s a free boost. The f*** is wrong with you all.


Ah yes. Keep accepting the worst version out of all the regions without saying anything like a real man