1370 Express Pass with 1340 Alt

With the incoming Punika pass as well as the 1370 Express pass. I’ve been debating whether I should use both in conjunction to make an Arcanist alt. But, I’m unsure if I really want an Arcanist alt. Instead I was wondering if I should use the express pass on another alt that is already in t3. For instance, use this to get my scrapper to 1370 from 1340.

The questions I had are 1, would this work, 2 would I get the progress rewards for the lower item levels I’d be skipping. 3. Is this even an efficient use of the express pass?

Any advice on the above from the community would be greatly appreciated.

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We don’t really know the details and the event seems to be a custom job of something that will look like what we had last time.

So I would suggest everyone would wait like 6+ hours after servers go live to check forum as people trial-and-error how things actually work with express event.
So you can make best use your self.
Whatever CM or news say about details and rules can not be trusted.

I would say if you are not sure about Arcana don’t use both on her.
At least not right away.
You could try her at 1302+ for a bit and do a lot of different stuff in Trixion with her.

Could apply express bit after or for a character you are more certain about.