1370 gearing is it worth getting the abyss set?

I just got to 1370 and done argos and hard mode t3 abyss dungeon. Is it better to wait for the 5 pieces Argos set? Or spend 200 gold on the abyss dungeon set, then get the rest from chaos dungeon.

You kinda have to use the hard mode set or you won’t progress since epic gear can’t go past +15.

It takes 3 (or 4) weeks to get full argos set, just get the weapon from Oreha first and another armor piece. Two more from argos and then you complete the armor set the second week with P2 (I think).

Weapon on third week.

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I thought Chaos dungeon also drop legendary gear? Also isn’t it better to use the shards from oreha to get accessories?

No, that’s not actually gear, just “broken” armor you can’t use for anything other than tripods. But getting good tripods is better value than previous chaos dungeons because you can sell those pieces on AH.

Ah I see. Thank you!

u run 3 chosen 2 argos the first week and then week 2 u get to 1385 u get the rest