1370 New BARD Swiftness or Specialization?

FINALLY got my bard to 1370!

How to balance swiftness and specialization? I want to do 3.3.3 Expert / Desperate / Heavy Armor.

Which piece of jewelry to buy and with what bonuses?

(Not main character!)

Swift/Spec on Necklace, Swiftness stat on everything else.

If you play support. Bard, needs about 1500 swiftness while getting as much Specialization as you can to function properly. you can do with a slightly less with Conviction and Judgment.
As for Engraving, Desperation and Awakening are 2 must . the rest is up to you.

Mostly swiftness.

You don’t need Awakening…that is overblown and overpriced. If you are blowing Awakenings every CD then you need to find a better team

You need 3 these 3 though: Desperate Salvation, Expert, Heavy Armor. These should be your first 3x3, especially on an alt.

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I was a full spec who finally converted to swiftness after few runs on *valten and I would recommend swiftness. However here’s your options:

  • Go full swiftness with spec/swift on necklace to save your sanity and buff like crazy - speed wise.
  • Go full spec with spec/swift on necklace to be a team player and buff real hard but lose your sanity.

If you think you can dodge well, you can skip heavy armour (I don’t get it, plus it’s overpriced.)