1400 main - 1340 alt ready. 1415 or 1370 first?

Hello guys,

As you see in the title, I have my main at 1400 ilvl and my alt at 1340 ilvl. Should I go for 1415 or 1370? What do you think?

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  1. The alt can begin providing unbound leapstones via guardian raids and increase your weekly gold income.

It depends. I’m also in that situation. I decided to collect all mats on main without using them and use other mats from alts to push my 1340 to 1370


If your alt doesnt get any decent jewellery drops then it takes 1-2 months for them to “earn” themselfs back depending on your honing luck.

Personally I’m pushing all my alts to 1370.

Pretty much this, at that point I wouldn’t recommend pushing a non support alt to 1370. You won’t have a good chance of making back the gold you spent in 1 month~ (In case you want to hit 1415 at the patch time, otherwise go and push your alt)

Argos p1 provides 800g I believe. Valtan will probably come out after a few weeks, so you’ll get ± 3k of gold and a few leapstones from guardian raids. Way easier to just spam boss rushes as your main, to be honest.

So I don’t think it is worth it to spend so much gold & resources for 1340-1370 push just to get extra 800g each week. (And a few leapstones).

You also get gold from hard abyss and more valuable accessories. Its way more profitable than you think. 1340 is pennies in comparison.

Hmm, yeah. I guess it makes sense especially if the Valtan will be delayed for a while.

8 honors<6 great honors per day, id say the investment is worth it

1370 b/c you can still take advantage of all of the event materials; the honing books aren’t usable 1370+. Having another toon for HM Abyss and Yoho farm = win, and idt 1415 will be needed for at least another month, maybe more.

Here is a small comparison:

Pushing a character to 1370 can cost you ~20k-40k gold worth in Raw gold + Materials that you could sell as well as 2.5 mill+ silver.

Orea NM will give you 1500 gold when you don’t buy the chests compared to Orea HM which will give 1300 gold if you buy the chests (If you want to gamble on legy items to sell) or 2100 gold if you don’t buy the chest.

Argos will give you 800 gold or 500 if you buy the chest.

Overall your character will generate 1400 raw gold more per week (compared to 1340). as well as 42 greater honor leapstones compared to 56 leapstones. (At EU Central prices this would be a difference of 1700 gold)

So it’s 3100 “raw” gold per week difference from 1340 to 1370. (If you have a supporter add the argos p2 gold because you can do that)

I have 2 alts at 1370 and 1385 for 3 weeks now and I “only” dropped items worth ~3k gold on both together.

In the end it’s up to you and how you are planning to go on with your alts. If you want to play them and get una g.leapstones ready or w.e.

IMO it’s only worth to push a supporter because argos p1 group finding is really annoying.

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Technically you’ll also spend some resources on legendary jewelry & engravings if you’re going for party-finder Argos & hm runs (if you don’t have a good group ofc). You’ll eventually find a party anyways, but it’s not guaranteed that the run will be smooth and you’ll lose some % of your time.

Idk, this really needs tons of calculations and precise Valtan release dates. I’m just pushing everyone to 1340 and doing 2 NM dungeons each week.


Exactly this, it is also a gamble if honinig changes randomly come or whatever the patch includes that wasn’t announced.

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All true. There are other factors to support pushing to 1370 though (and I support the idea of boosting a support :)) that include expiring honing books, bound shards/leapstones that will mitigate some of the costs, the main being gated by great honor leapstones and so shifting excess guardian/destruction stones to the alt’s progression.

Valtan and the need to be 1415 is still some (unknown) time off. OP definitely needs to consider all of these things though.

What about Valtan hard mode? It may release in May so could be better to push main to 1445 for that. We may also get honing buffs with that which could make 1370 alts easier.

I’ve personally parked alts at 1340 and main is at 1420. Might be best to wait to get more info to decide though.

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1415, then 1370. 1340->1370 even with the stronghold buff consumes a huge amount of materials, you’ll need to gear for Argos, and it will take a couple months to pay for itself. It won’t have paid for itself by Valtan. You’d be risking your main not being ready for Valtan at release.

im currently 1414ilvl on main, and my alt is 1347, 1326, I’m sending all my mats to my main to push him to 1415, and i use bounded materials on alts to upgrade slowly to 1370

1415 yields 0 return right now. Its inefficient(if you care about this). Making more alts or pushing them to to 1340/1370 is more efficient.

What does it consume?

My alts are sitting on 500 leapstones (bound) from boss rush. It’s guardian/destruction stones mainly which are as cheap as ever.