1415 chaos dungeons should get released

Not releasing 1415 chaos dungeons is a mistake, this week I was pushing ilvl for South Vern, im 2 upgrades from 1415 and without new tier of chaos dungeons there is no way ill make it to 1445 for Valtan Hard, so you are basically making it even harder for F2P to get to 1445. So its just another whale bait again?
*For people who dont know 1415 chaos dungeon DOESNT drop relic accessories so it wouldnt ruin the Relic hype with Valtan at all. it would just help everyone progress to 1445. :slight_smile:


doesn’t the 1415 chaos dungeon unlock with south vern though?


Yes but today @Roxx said that they wont be releasing it with South vern which is a huge mistake and will lead to bigger gap between F2p and Whales.


oh, idk i’ll worry about complaining if 1445 doesn’t look possible for me when we do get the april content patch and i see how many mats we get access to from it.

Well… I think the intention with South Vern patch is to help push players to 1415; not aimed at getting players pass that point. So to me, it makes perfect sense they don’t have 1415 content here, because they are not catering to those players in this update.

And Valtan update is where 1415 content begins and where the starting line should be.

Starting line was just delayed a month, or potentially more, because of player feedback about how they won’t make it.

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That would only make sense if there was no content being released thats higher than 1415, which is not the case, meaning we need 1415 chaos dungeons.

What 1415 content are they releasing next update?

Edit: I’m pretty sure South Vern was 1340 or something. And if the respective dungeon is included, that’s 1370 for initial entry.

The hard version for the weekly dungeon has an ilvl req of 1415

It does! I’m sure that will come out at same time too. Not because they specifically choose to do so, but is probably easier like that. Similar to how Valtan releases with NM and HM.

Worst case, they just remove the full dungeon until Valtan…
Or they put more effort than what it’s worth to just fragment it and disable the 1415 portion.

Edit: But I’m inclined to think that they will leave it in because the rewards isn’t anything we couldn’t get now.
While in 1415 chaos, you can get never before seen relic tripods.

Im talking about Valtan release which is 1445 for Hard mode and getting to that ilvl with worse tier chaos dungeons will be close to impossible because its obviously intended to get to that ilvl with 1415 chaos dungeons which they want to disable, so only players that will be able to farm Hard mode are going to be whales and this decision is literally only good for whales.

Why are people trying to catch up with whales without spending like whales?


Yes, you are talking about an update we are not getting yet. So maybe in that update, we will get the 1415 chaos.

Also, I think getting majority of active players to 1415 is important. It’s because legions raids are a big part of this game. Pass that point doesn’t matter as much; Valtan NM, Valtan HM, Brelshaza, etc are still only Legion raids. If players can experience Legions raids, that is good. Most players don’t need to be caught up to all future content. If you are an active player, then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Too many players worry about not being able to do content immediately on release. A big part of LA is to have something to chase and try to get there; not having it spoon fed to us on the day of the patch.
If they were crying like us in Korea, there’s no way they released Valtan, Vykas, Kakul Saydon a month after the other. I bet NA/EU would want at least several months in between…
If Valtan release May, Vykas in June, and Kakul in July, I feel that a reasonable progression for the average player is Valtan NM > Vykas NM > Valtan HM > Vykas HM > Kakul Saydon.
But here we are… Valtan not even out yet, and some players afraid they can’t do HM on release.


A bit crazy to me how you manage to completly miss the point with every single reply tbh.
You are supposed to farm for 1445 before it hits not after XD

Yea… South Vern we farm for 1415. Valtan we farm for 1430. Vykas we farm for 1445. Valtan HM we farm for Vykas HM. Vykas HM we farm for Kakul Saydon. Seems pretty linear to me.

Edit: My point was that just because 1445 was available doesn’t mean we all supposed to or have to do it day 1.
Anyone ever wonder why Vykas NM is not higher than 1445?

Edit2: But fomo aside, I agree that they should have released other content to help players progress in general. Like Trial Guardians, Trial Abyss, and whatever else there are. Most players would be able to partake and not much reason to be holding it back.

Where he Said that ?

so you want them to release South Vern chaos dungeon ,but only specifics ilv 1415 ??? Am i right?

probably? i wouldnt mind them releasing it normally(all of them ) but i feel like people would be mad that whales can access relic accessories way before others. I just want new stuff to do, waiting weeks with same guardian, same chaos dungeon is just boring

" I just want new stuff to do, waiting weeks with same guardian, same chaos dungeon is just boring"
you are asking for the same thing ,just different colours .What new chaos will change? ,still the damn thing .

It doesn’t matter. It would only give you a tiny bit more armor/weapon crystals and maybe one more leapstone a day.

all adds up