1415 honing buffs

@roxx the team update confirmed the 1460 stronghold buff
we will also receive the universal 15% honing buff aswell that includes all content up to 1415?

both combined make 30% honing buff up to 1415

where did the universal honing buff topic come from??
i dont see it being mentioned anywhere??

thats why i ask lmao
cause its big poggers

Pretty sure the universal honing buff came way later. So I highly doubt we are getting it anytime soon.


hmm. the way you worded your post with “we will” instead of “will we” makes it seems like you are expecting the universal buff not asking for it.

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Pretty sure that we only get SH buff and not universal since no one has said anything about it.

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Yeah they mentioned the universal buff along with changing class tempo and making legendary skins a flat price in store.

Keep dreaming bud

you give someone and inch and they try and take a mile lol

That would actually be a surprise. I think it will come with clown tho.

come with Abrelshud (Brelshaza), at least it did in KR

1325-1415 honing rate change (buff) occurred on September 7th, 2021.

At the time, Korean servers had many end-game raids, all of which were far above these levels (1325-1415): Vykas Normal (1430), Valtan Hard (1445), Vykas Hard (1460), Kakul-Saydon (1475).

1415-1445 honing rate change (buff) occurred on December 22th, 2021.

Similarly, there were four end-game raids, all of which were, again, above these levels of 1415-1445: Vykas Hard (1460), Kakul-Saydon (1475), Brelshaza Normal (1490), Brelshaza Hard (1490).

Just a quick look and i found that. Really don’t care enough about the honing buffs to search more but there ye go. the first hone buff came after vykas XD XD

The thing i noticed with classic wow was NA doesn’t know when patches happened. They were wrong every single patch in classic.

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They could give us that universal buff for t1 and t2. It’s sad how the new players are stuck with bots. I recently made an alt and grinding through t1 and t2 is just pain. even after spending 40k gold i’m still at 1060. Even after ban wave I see a lot of bots but there are few new players with roster 20 and I only wish they don’t quit.

Lol 40k gold didn’t get you out of T2? Give me your gold you don’t know how to use it :joy::joy::joy:

t1 and t2

The point remains lol

maybe you should do some calculations sir. leap stones and harmony shards are not cheap. Even with help of mary shop that’s what it took.

Maybe you should L2P sir, there are so many ways especially if you are spending gold to not spend that kind of gold and not get out of T2 (including T1)
Buying everything is unbelievably inefficient, if you were gonna be stuck this long you should of done chaos and tower and maybe used any of the events with tons of t1 and t2 mats

For those specifically I do tower to save a bit of money, would be nice if they buffed t1-t2 but with stronghold its honestly not bad if you get protections/books.

Sir I did all that. Made my alt 2-3days ago.

Ask anyone who has pushed their alts and filled out a roster if they ever considered investing 40k into a toon that is still not giving them T3 mats for their main