1415 honing buffs

I mean okay ist is what IT IS, your Money your choice.
I the Same thoughts on pushing sone alts but Then Decided to Push my Main further.
I sat at 1480 in my Main simple because i know that even If im 1460 and rdy for vykas IT will BE hard to find groups.
Know IT will BE ways easier and i can Focus on alts for sure.
Even tho i wont because i want my 5x3

Yeah it’s working, but how much gold do you have to spend to push 1430? Cause if you continue with the previous method it’s gonna be a lot more than 40k

If you spent that much gold then you are either really unlucky or doing something wrong.

you have a point there. Maybe I have to chill a little.

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Just impatient heh ^.^

I can’t sit here and act like I haven’t wasted gold on all kinds of stuff learning things… but yeah i wasted a bit less trying to buy taps.

It all depends on your situation though. If you don’t feel like waiting and want to drop 100-150$ to skip a lot of stuff and save time… nothing wrong with that. But I don’t think new players will commit to skipping stuff they haven’t seen that hard unless they have friends they are trying to catch up to

I don’t spend real money tho, I have good income from my main and alts. True true, they probably wont and as i’m passing by I hate to see them hanging in tier 2 there where there are mostly bots and tanky guardians.

Hopefully they aren’t afraid to ask for help. Whenever I see someone who needs help with a guardian or field boss I just go kill it for them if I’m not busy. Eventually they will learn how to use party finder and search for guilds. All mmos can be tough if you do the whole solo thing, with the exception of the few who truly enjoy it that way

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Mari’s shop G.honor leapstone 50 blue crystal. Blue crystal price on EUC 805/95, so you get 5 G. leapstone for 50 crystal, 1 crystal is 8.47 gold. 5x8.47=423 gold. (805g/95=8.47)
On the market, the G.leapstone is 56-57. 5x57=285 gold.
Mari’s shop is insanely expensive.

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yea but life shards very cheap. in market it’s 355gold for 1,5k shards but in maris shop it’s 10k shards for 700gold.