1460 Stronghold research coming with Vykas?

Some official reply for this would be nice, my alts have been sitting at 1370 with over 2000 bound gleaps and several hundred of thousands of shards and just waiting for 1460 research, waiting and waiting, i was disappointed i did not see this introduced with Valtan, so what is the case with Vykas?

This question is something that is so crucial to players, that information about the release date of 1460 research should be shed some light on, it is senseless to start honing with alts cause you save so much mats with the research, unless you plan on releasing it like a 6months from now or something like that.

TL;DR giev info about the release date on 1460 honing research

Heyo, have this question out to the team, should be able to let folks know this week


Haven’t people been asking about this for at least a month? Maybe longer?

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Would be nice to see some honing buffs in general too. We’ve been to long waiting for this to happen

“The game hasn’t been out long enough for the 1460 Stronghold Research” meanwhile… When Valtan came out in JP, they got a 1390 Hyper Express

You wont get a real answer. Been asked for awhile and nearly same copy/paste response with no answer for almost a month now.


No wonder y’all are lost if it takes you a month to get a response from SG

I thought i senses deja vu. I coulda swore she said the same thing like a month ago and never game a follow up post. Just admit it

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It took over 2 weeks just to fix a simple GVG issue, and im unsure if the winners can even host the event that gives everyone mats yet

They won’t give an answer on this, why would they? So that everyone holds their honing materials and stops honing? I’m also perfectly fine with them not giving an answer on this. But ya they shouldn’t say they’re looking into it, just say they are not going to give that info.

However, I am of the opinion that it will be given on Vykas release. It’s given when you reach 1460. HM is 1460. Others have said it came with Vykas launch in other areas I beleive.

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stop honing what, their alts? the stronghold research isn’t for people’s mains. :upside_down_face:

Roxx i hope we get the normal Honing buff because ppl will flame or make drama if u put for 1460

Trust in Roxx dude. She’s the sh*t and the best advocate we have for us as a community.

Really ?

We never get actual answers/info/feedback.

Its not just 1 person. I dont blame Roxx, they are in a Impossible situation. It has to be a drain
To have to reply on forums over and over without being given any support for actual feedback.

Its communication from AGS/Smilegate as a whole.

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This 100%.

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How much red tape is there if it takes a week to get an answer to a simple question that a lot in the community are curious about?

Should take 2 days max with simple email.

RU got T1/T2/1370/1415 honing buffs 2 weeks after Vykas

JP got T1/T2 with Argos, 1370 with Kadan quest, and 1415 with Vykas

We should get all of them with Vykas (don’t necessarily need the research, JP doesn’t have the research just the buff, but the buff is MUCH more impactful).

I talked to a friend that quit and asked if he should come back, had to tell him not to because it’s just such a painful and overly time consuming experience to reach legion raids without the honing buffs.

This game will continue to siphon players and barely get any new players without these buffs. Without the buffs, it takes 500-600h to reach Valtan as a new player. With the buffs, it’s more like 150-200h.

There’s no reason to gatekeep this anymore with Vykas coming out soon, and getting the buffs with Vykas will also be necessary for newer players to have any shot at reaching 1475 for Clown in August.

To clarify, honing buffs are roughly:

T1/T2: 100% less Silver/Gold cost, +20% chance, +2 levels per hone through +12, -20% experience cost

1302-1415: 50% less Silver/Gold cost (we already have a gold cost nerf though), +20% chance, -50% material cost (leapstone, crystal, fusion), -20% experience cost



got jp with Vykiss also 20% more succ?

The thing is, they would make more money with honing buffs, because they would actually get new players.

If they released honing buffs, I have a few friends I would tell to come back to the game since they could actually reach legion raids without wasting a ton of time.

Also, I would change my negative steam review. Steam reviews are basically “would you recommend this game” and I currently can’t recommend it with how awful the new player experience is without these buffs.