1460+ Supports out there, consider joining the Support Union if you don’t have a static you like to make gold

Most good supports I know don’t charge. Because of how the mailing works aka server locked, it’s a huge hassle to set up it up for 2 supports as well. There’s a reason why buses are reason locked, so you can check who mailed you the gold. Also, if you want to be charging, you better be packing that 100 quality +25 weapon with 5x3 engravings and at least lvl 7 cooldown gems. Even though there is a support shortage, people will gladly wait for another support over a possibly incompetent one that charges by the hour.

“People will gladly wait”

After 3 hours of waiting in lobby, then 2 hours of failing to clear gate 1 with 8 dps and thousands of gold worth in battle items wasted, many people would rather just pay a support a few hundred gold each just to get it done. Bought 4 desperate salvation books like this, just because you would rather wait for hours hoping your ilv is high enough to attract a wild solo support doesn’t mean everyone is willing to do the same, specially guilds that are missing a support and are bringing their fresh 1445 guildmates along making sure supports won’t give the group a second look.

And for your knowledge 100 quality +25 weapon on a support does absolutely nothing, and engravings beyond 3x3 are just fluff.

@OP cringe idea lmao. Imagine picking support class and not wanting to support other players, unless paid. kekw

Support mains join up :slight_smile:

This is awful and greedy.
Im a support main and i really dislike this especially this dps vs support bashing here.
We should be a team but what do i know… Sad world we live in

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Hahaha flagged by the community, good riddance.

time to round up some more union members :smiley:

more supports join us!

any supports out there :smiley:

True, 8 DPS can clear any raid but 8 supports can’t clear ANY raids, we’re actually more valuable than supports.

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Oh? What is that? Sorry we can’t hear you.


SG should be proud of their game design and AGS should be proud of their management.

This is the sign of a fun and healthy game.

Damn imagine finding 8 supports for a meme lobby, I guess all those people on Discord looking for a support must be trolling then xD

This has to be a joke.
Can you do stuff with 8 dps? Yea
Can you do stuff with 8 supps? No
Good luck with this

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Can you do stuff with 8 dps? Yea

8 paladins can easily clear a raid on ilvl.
6 judgement + 2 blessed aura.

8 gunlancers can clear it also. Idk about 8 bards.

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DPS Artist can solo bus at 1520. I imagine 6 1445 DPS bards and 2 support bards can easily clear Valtan

So what’s yall point? All the friendless and out-of-place supports should just band together and play together? Ignore the rest of the community?

Sound kinda anti-social and depressing ngl. :joy:

There’s actually a DPS paladin topic on the forum and the topic creator constantly beats Deskaluda speedrun against other classes that talk shit about DPS paladin.

People don’t understand that DPS paladin isn’t a thing only because support paladin is ridiculously good and broken.

Just think of it this way. With optimal build for current state of the game, like 2x nightmare, 2x entropy, lvl7 damage gems and 5x3, DPS paladin will do maybe 70% damage of top classes like Sorc.

But it still has all the attkpwr buffs and the big shield ult. Now are you telling me that you wouldn’t take a class that gives you permanent 25% dmg increase for all party members and that big shield ult?

Someone smarter than me ran the numbers and on average support paladin has to do 5% damage to equal the DPS output of 4xDPS parties where everyone does 25% damage if he replaces one of those DPS classes.

Now imagine a Paladin that does 20% damage in a 4 man party? Easily a top tier class. The meta would be bard+judgement paladin+two highest damage dealers.

That was actually an idea, a hybrid DPS class with good synergy. But meta slaves turned it into a full support, then the devs nerfed DPS stuff and it became a ridiculously good support class.

Artist damage is way above pally and bard, it isnt even close…