1475 chaos dungeon

Just did my first 1475 cd hoping to get more relic accs and this is all i got
Question is why are we still getting legendary accesories at this ilvl?

Because why not :man_shrugging:

It’ll be the same thing when we get next Chaos Dungeons I assume with Brelshaza. We’ll get very tiny amount of Ancient accessories and most will be Relics. They want majority of the influx of accessories to come from raids I’d guess. You get those Legendaries still mostly to just dismantle and get some extra honing mats or would you rather prefer getting just 2 Relic accessories and no legendaries?

Best part of it all is all my legion loot gets instant salvaged since 9/10 accessories roll shit tier expertise.

Best part of that is that their auto-dismantle doesn’t work properly. Mine is set to dismantle Legendary or Below but it also dismantles Relics. Not that I care as long as it’s actually ONLY the selected stats that get dismantled.

You get only relics on the next chaos dungeon after 1475. You do 1400 cd and get epic gears too its how it always been since beginning.

but getting 2 accs from 2 runs is just stupid, i was getting more from the 1445 cd

MY MIND CAN’T FATHOM RNG OH NUUUUUU that’s you right now.

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That’s just rng honestly sometimes I get 1-2 as well, but sometimes I get more than enough. I’m sure it will be better next time.