1475 or stay below it?

So i have 6 dps characters. all are getting close to 1470. I heard you need 5x3 for clown as dps character. should i keep my characters at 1472.50 so i don’t lose on argos gold until i get 5x3? or is there any reason i should just push to 1475 anyway?

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Technically you don’t need it but don’t be surprised if you have a hard time finding a pug group to take you. You can either stay at 1472.5 and keep your current gold activities while progressing toward 5x3 or push to 1475, lose 1 gold activity and have a hard time doing the replacement.

I did like this.

Main Focus > Alts 5 other Chars

Main try do everything > Park Alts 1472,5 GS and Grind Shards/Bound Leap stones.

If Main done and u think u have time try second Char hone 1475 or maybe char already have alot of leaps/Shards and Hone to 1490.

Or u Focus Main and stil park Alts 1472,5 And focus on 5x3 / 4x3 + 2 +1 idk what classed u play.

So many ways But it takes time.

Or u just swipe.

U decide. ;o

Best thing to do is just go to 1475 anyways and start doing clown g1 and g2 to start farming lvl 2 gear set and I see heaps of people running with 4x3.

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I would go for 5x3 first, clown has been out for some time and being on ilvl with 5x3 is probably already hard enough to get accepted. Being anything below that will just lower your chances

Pug clown 1490

What’s the purpose of those alts of yours?
If just to make gold, no point honing them over 1472.5
If you want to play the whole content on them or just do buses you go as high as u can.

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park your alts at 1472.5 for a while and improve other stuff like engravings while stacking up bound leapstones. Its just going to make your playing experience alot better than pushing past 1475 with 4x3 and dealing with clown pugging.

You don’t need 5x3 to clear clown. But unless you run with guild or static, realistically you aren’t likely to be accepted in pugs without 5x3. If you don’t plan to run clown, just stay at 1472 or lower.

4x3 1x2 can do clown, maybe u just hone a bit more esp wep so that u wont have to throw dark nades, having more hp from higher quality armour helps too, the burns really hurt, sometimes there’s just no way not to get burned. Just push your best char and learn the raid first, after u are comfy clearing the raid, then push your ‘weaker’ alts up. U can also just do G1/2, both are easier than G3, u dont have to clear it all.

If you don’t have a guild or static, you are going to spend a lot more time pugging clown at ilv 1475.
I would stay at 1472.5 until I have enough leaps to push straight to 1490.
Keep in mind argos gives tons of bound leaps.

Keep them at 1472.5 until you have so many greater leap stones saved up that you can get them to 1490 in one go even if you pity all hones. Then you can do weekly clown raid. Personally I would find weekly clown on all 6 characters super cancerous but it’s up to you.

My advice…take one to 1475 and learn clown. You dont need 5x3 to do clown. I clear clown 7 times a week on 4x3 or 4x3+1. Literally no content at the moment requires 5x3. Even did brel on 4x3+1. Main thing is stats…but do clwon and if you know it well it is very nice to push characters to 1475…even not clearly clown you still can start farming gate 1-2 of clown for the trumpets.

I do it so:

I play characters till 1445/1460 if they fun enough to play I upgrade them above 1475. if I just want the gold or just want to play the characters some times I stay at 1445/1460.

Till now I just have 4 Characters above 1475.

If you dont have a static dont push to 1475 without 5x3. Stop at 1472.5 and get your 5x3 and then you can push.
Or if you want to do Kakul with 4x3 then hone for 1480 at least. Not because its so hard and 5x3 is needed but you will get gatekept.

i am on 1445 with 4x3, when i finnish 5x3 i am go for 1500+

This is terrible advice. I clear 3 clowns on 4x3 1475…without static or guild group. Atleast 1 charcater to do clown…even doing gate 1 and 2 and getting trumpets is more worth it. Might be less gold…but trumpets are worth more.

I do the same…I have 10 characters at 1460…and this week I am swapping out 2 to try 2 new ones…ones I enjoy go higher.

How long does it take you to do those 3 clowns. My own exp is different with pug groups. Constant Jails and toxicity. This is as a 1475 Sup.

If I were a dps i would push to 1490 to increase your chances of lobbies taking you. Alot of lobbies now only take above 1490.

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I highly recommend overgearing clown. It’s a raid that’s very draining to pug, even with +21 weapon and 5x3 it can be tough, because it’s all about uptime. First two gates, easy peasy, but g3 is very hit and miss in pug because people forget to do damage to the actual boss.

Would definitely only push one char to clown, and push next ones when you’re confident with the raid because just doing g1-2 doesn’t give you gold, so it’s not a very viable replacement for Argos. But it’s SUCH a good raid. It’s the toughest in my opinion, tougher than Brelshaza. Honestly… Push for 1490 and do both. When you get 1490 you will gain ilvls for free from Brel gear and it helps with dmg and pugging.