1490-1500 ilvl chaos bot players

Do you think its the publishing or developing part. I never played the game myself becuase i heard its mainly pvp and i hate games that mainly pvp as their end game.

AGS love bots, bots helped them bring the game to the top list of Steam and peak players is getting more, also thanks legit whales for supporting the games. This is the best result to show for all the stakeholder for both AGS and SG. Well done guys keep going and let’s hit 1m player/bots peak.

chaos bots dont even go for clear, they leave after the 2nd dungeon

They were both, and it was the development department who didn’t stop the bots, or the hacks, or the RMT, etc… The same EXACT thing happening on Lost Ark. I mean, it is a literal copy of what happened in New World.

how about botting to progress your own character? i mean infinite chaos drops bound mats. I’ve seen bots rake in 20 GHL in a couple of hours. That’s basically guaranteed hones once a day at worst case/pity

Fairly certain that the economy has been destroyed beyond repair by now.

Much better off just assuming that bots will always be a cornerstone of lost ark, maybe they learn for their next game release

Every time you leave, that counts as 1.


Really makes no sense to grind for anything anymore. I’m losing all my motivation. I love the game but at this point I kinda wish it died.

Wild how a bot holds such power over you.

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Currently 1518 ilvl. Still not banned. Aahahahahahahah. I have sent all the necessary information and reported it, but it still continues to play. You don’t ban bots, you don’t ban chinese players who do illegal rmt, what do you do?

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Here’s probably what they do.

But hate to see someone dedicated enough to go through all this just to fall on deaf ears. I can only hope they actually do something for ya.

yep bot kekew

They never banned any there are thousands of regular players chaos botting

yea they will start selling them :stuck_out_tongue:

well if they would they could at least bann any non amazon signature bot account :stuck_out_tongue:

wierd witch hunting thread with no evidence that these players(bots) are in EU/NA, yet blames amazon