1497ilvl bot at punika livestream (Valtan server)

report this guy and see how well our report works… Valtan server channel 19 punika

top right of punika livestream bot

hes got lv7 gem 11x, 330k gold, 1497ilvl


Watched the video, the guy is botting chaos dungeons 24/7 with a total run of 347. GG Amazon

tier 3 bot needs to be focused on, so far a lot of tier 1 and 2 probably lots of t3 one are banned. but not these guys

Not a big deal tbh, when the majority of players use bots like in this video and RMT

I’d report if I was on there. Get out there and mass report this idiot.

this guy is still not banned…

AGS Doesnt give a damn.
On Mokoko server we have several botters and a whole guild dedicated to RMT … amazon didnt do anything despite the fact we reported them with so many people …

its just sad

easy botting :smiley:

And that is because we see the video, just imagine how many are doing it on their SH, or any random location. With the new Integrated Dungeon command (Alt+Q) Bots don’t need to camp the CD statue anymore.

And as we can see now, the Auto Program became commercial, so why Whale when you can just purchase the Auto CD program and take it easy the whole day.

For those of you that can’t read Chinese, he had texts placed on screen saying something like ‘lowest cost gold, lvl 10 gem services, low cost to 1500’

Well, I guess AGS’s algos got defeated again.

1053 chaos has been done by the bot still not banned