15 second Freezing occasionally

Not sure who else is experiencing this issue.

Having problems where occasionally the game will freeze for 15sec. Really really annoying when in Arenas, or in a boss fight and I come back dead. It’s always 15 sec the game freezes, the sound will play for 10 seconds, then last 5 seconds no sound or screen movement.

I tried messing with Video settings, Power configs under Windows, Fullscreen/Window/etc. Lower settings… doesnt matter. It continues.

I5 4.2GHZ - 32GB Ram - PSU 1800+ - CPU Water Cooled.
980GTX Updated - Windows Updated

Ideas? Solutions? Appreciate your time.

Wow - Nothing. Crickets? Have to be someone from some where that knows a thing or 2 about gaming hiccups?

Hello @Platinnum, welcome to our forums!

I apologize for the late response, I will be happy to help you!

I previously helped a player with similar issues with these steps

Quick Fixes

  • Try switching from windowed or borderless windowed to full screen, or vice versa. In some cases, doing so may increase your FPS while playing.
  • Close any unneeded programs while playing, as they can adversely impact your computer’s performance. These programs include web browsers, background programs running in your system tray, etc.
  • Be sure that your computer isn’t downloading Windows updates, other games, etc. Performing tasks that involve writing to your drive can drastically decrease your computer’s performance.

If you want to get more information on how to improve frame rates and performance issues here’s this link:

And if the problem persists can you kindly reach out to our customer service live chat, so we can further help you with this issue.

As we will need some personal information from your account. Be sure to have your game logs ready just in case they ask for them.

If you have more questions please let us know.
Thank you for your patience.

I need to run some tests since up until the latest patch my game would not even charge the title screen properly, BUT…

For me the game having those 10-20 seconds freezes is very simple to reproduce: Every time I use a certain skill for the first time after entering a new area or after a cutscene it freezes the game. After that I can use it normally without problem. And other skills don’t do that.

So I think the game may have a hard time loading some skills’ animations/effects, and once they’re cached it runs better ?
Could this come from the game being installed on an HDD while the system is on a SSD ?
I have deactivated post-process effects (bloom, blur, etc.) so when I go back to the game I’ll see if this is part of the problem and report on my findings then :nerd_face:
Edit: No change :confused:

Did you ever figure this out? This has been killing me constantly.

Nope, still same issue. In fact its much worse. The freezing takes place d uring major screen population or events. Really don’t know what to do at this point. Becoming so annoying that I’ve died countless times on areas or encounters where I shouldn’t. This is hurting Progression.

I figured it out. The game has to be installed on your main C drive and not on any other drive. I initially kept installing it on a storage drive because my main drive isn’t very big. Had to basically uninstall everything on my C drive because the game is so big. Only have 7 gigs left so let’s hope the game doesn’t get any lengthy patches any time soon.



On my side the problem has been solved with the latest patch.