1500+ players could be whales and not RMTers

Saw a lot of posts shaming high geared individuals with low roster/sh levels. While this is indeed a red flag, people directly assumed that these individuals were RMTers.
Why are people disregarding the fact that someone can actually buy gold in game and get his lvl 10 gems that way?
RMTers should be banned, there’s no question on that. However, people should also let some room for whaling assumptions as this is totally fine (TOS wise).


People just have a low opinion of whales, legit or otherwise. It’s just adding another layer of insult to insinuate they are RMT also.

It’s very likely if legit whaling was the only option there would be less whales sure but I don’t think the stigma of whaling would go away.


Every single MMO there will be a bunch of cry babies complaining about P2W and whales(come in edit as legit whales and rmt whales are really in the same category for most games).

This game RMT stole the spotlight because it is causing server queues as we speak so it is an easy target since they broke TOS and even brought people who normally would not complain about P2W (such as me) into the fire exchange as queues should not exist.

In general though, people are jealous and hate the rich.

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its the western society mindset; hate the rich, mock the hard worker, self-entitled


So what? You saw a lot of shaming because the whale was a self-loathing whale who wouldn’t admit to being a whale who bought gold and materials in the game, which was the reason the one group decided to kick them out and not play with them, which is all within their power to do because groups are owned by a random individual player who can kick anyone for having a wrong outfit or a nickname they don’t like or too high roster level or too low roster level or because they just felt like doing so

Feeling entitled to any kind of special treatment because “we’re peers in this game” (which is probably the snobbiest dumb thing to think about) is the real cause of problems in all of this non-sense

If someone doesn’t RMT and is whaling, good for them and for us. But if you’re whaling, you better be ready to get reported and audited for your gold by the community and the officials. It is what it is

I was mainly talking about the “biggest rmt so far?” topic that is trending right now. Not the one from the dude complaining about gatekeeping.
But I get your point, I’m down for audits for these red-flagged players.
The only thing that I’m asking for is a bit of room for whaling suspicions instead of 100% screaming RMT.

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haha g2g is their home page.

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Yes, do go on the witch hunt and make the community non toxic!

Seriously though, if there is no queue I wouldn’t care about rmt at all. Does not take any enjoyment of the game away from me and they pay a higher price for my mats. Bots should be gone period, stop the queues.

well who cares right now … we said 1000 times we need a clean game but amazon want us to be pleased with their purging … it just don’t cut it … just don’t whale in a cheating game if u ask me

I mean he’s acting entitled as hell tho. If a large percentage of groups don’t want to invite whales of any type then there really isn’t anything wrong about that.

That’s very true!

you can get there with less bro much less.

i just report and move on with my day lol

well regardless of whether you are a whale or not, why does that bother you ? if you played legitly, you literally have nothing to fear, even if people false report you !!! If you rmt’d though, then yeah i guess there is a lot at stake !!!

Most wealth is inherited so “hardworking” rarely applies to the people with enough spare wealth to throw £50,000+ at a game in 4 months to whale legit. Sure they exist but jow many millionaires do you think play lost ark?



Fomo and cashshop presure, create a false competitivity and desire from poor people to be as rich and could spend as mutch to get there than buyer or bot user

cashshop are bad, beeing jelly of other is bad, the whole capitalist mechanics is bad

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said a 1370 main player :rofl:

If you’ve been playing since day 1, 1460-1490 isn’t even that hard for F2P. The people who were 1490 week 1? Sure. Month 1? Probably. By now … They must really be wasting money on something else if they aren’t at least 1500.

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And this is the true problem of loot boxes and generally p/w. Targets are usually not whales but just normal people who cant afford said swipes, ending up ruining their lives on a single game. The mechanics and levels of shade used in aggressive microtransactions have then, not whales as targets

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i got a frd whos millionaire self-made
i got two uncles that’s millionaire self-made
i got couple other friends who are also self-made millionaires self-made plays a lot of mobile games that have threw more than 5 digits some even 6 digits on them
you are only limited by what you see and know

I have thrown more than $5k in a month on games (not lost ark) while making 6 figures, I do consider myself as “hardworking” and not inherited with spare waeth… at the same rate, I’m pretty sure there are plenty more ppl making 10X as much as me and able to drop $50k in a month on games