1575ilvl is Norm?

Today I was signing up for KUKU on my main 1505ilvl and I saw half of my guild have 1575 ilvl, my guild is mostly OCE players as I lives in NZ so I choose them. I think most of them are Chinese from their name but all of them speak english and I saw a note on signup sheet that one guy is banned but will be back before KUKU. Am I in RMT guild or 1575 is normal?

As your attorney I suggest you beg them all for completely clean, non-G2G, gold.


1575 is in fact not normal. Your guild is full of G2G enjoyers.


Thanks god I thought I am doing something wrong.

1575 means +25 on every piece of gear, which is far from normal. They are either giga whales or RMTers (more likely).

A good portion of the player base are kuku ready and the norm should be between 1475 and 1505.


you should be asking to help you pump your gear

I never learnt to ask for help, I earn my own shit.

1575 honestly hella sus sounds like RMT really

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If they are in fact RMTers you’re better off distancing yourself from them anyways.

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Can I get into trouble for being in RMT guild? Never heard before.

no, unless they check the forums and mass report you for being a snitch

Yeah no, was speaking more socially than anything :sweat_smile: but if you received gold from them or items sourced directly from them and then they were investigated it might come back on you.

guild rmt

Even the most hardcore grinder in the server wouldnt be able to get to 1575 without good luck. Most people would stop at 1510-1525 for their main. Therefore definitely sus

Not sure what trol post i like more this one or “Where is Sorc nerf? Hello SG!”

I didn’t snitch anyone, you don’t know what guild I am in?

Bro I am in guild just so I can pug 1 less Vykas hard, I don’t have time to be social kekw.

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I like that you knows me but I don’t know who the hell you are, thanks fan, keep support coming, lemme know if you wana follow me on twitch.


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