1575ilvl is Norm?

I mean I guess having a guild full of 1575s would definitely make your raiding experiences less painful :rofl:

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lets hope I am with 1575 group, Also Kuku gonna die looking at their GS.

Yeah you know I take back what I said… ride those RMTers all the way :rofl:

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No that’s not normal LOL sus af

Just report them and you’ll find out

normal if you have visa, not sure if anyone in this thead heard of it

I never report anyone, it does nothing than wasting your time and I don’t want them banned anyway, they are nice people I think.

No worries just keep reporting and banning them 1 by 1 until you got a raid spot :wave:

Really going above 1505 (+21) or 1520 (+22) is pointless and you only do it if you got so much money to burn. The next semi-tier of gear comes with a honing + Reset. Put in prespective, Going from +21 to +22 is TRIPLE the cost of the prior level which doubles again at +24.

The WORSE Case cost if you were to PURCHASE all materials to go from +21 to +25 is over 15 MILLION gold. (The honing cost alone is nearly 2 Mil)
The AVG Case cost if you were to PURCHASE all materials to go from +21 to +25 is nearly 7 MILLION gold. (The honing cost is over 750k)

Avg Materials Required to go from 1505 to 1575
Shards - 6.865M
Destruction - 418k
Guardian - 1.253M
Fusion - 38k
Leapstones - 50k
Silver - 98M
Gold - 787k

Ya normal players aint farming that and thats assuming AVERAGEs. Even if you 1 tapped every single piece the cost is about a Million
Best Case Material Cost
Shards - 2.53M
Destruction - 5.9k
Guardian - 17.9k
Fusion - 542
Leapstones - 712
Silver - 40M
Gold - 11.2k

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Is there any limit to spend money? Nope then it is normal.

I think norm right now is 1475 main

If you have 6 alts and play alot 1500 - 1520 ish

Anything above 1520 you got either really lucky or you have lot of money either way


accurate number , i have 4 alt . my main is 1510. one alt 1475.

played since launch. but not really hardcore . semi hc

All people I see is 1575 definitely the normal. All the player here not 1575 is casual player probably playing 30 min a day player.

At least in my KR server

all f2p

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