16 hours maintenance on raid release day? Such irresponsibility... You better delay this raid so west have it simultaneously

No. Just touch some grass day 1 and do it after maintenance. Raid won’t go anywhere.
Don’t delay contents


No one is running for the attack! Delaying 1 week is wasting time that will not come back, mainly because it takes 7 weeks to finish improving the set. Brelshaza should come in 2 months, don’t make up nonsense.


No, dont delay it at all, im from a server that is getting a merge and yes this up to 16 hrs maintenance is absolute dogshit, specially cause they have the brilliant idea of doing server merges at the same time of a raid release instead of doing it in october that has literally no content, but well, what can you expect from these “people”.


Is there any written 16 hours?
It’s kinda expected because of Server merging, requires a lot testing.


What are you guys talking about? They should have started merging the previous week or a day earlier than 28th. It is unacceptable and everyone says otherwise is probably not affected.

PS At this point for future compensations they ll start sending us Amazon products since they grow and grow…

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Meh, they’re getting a lot of free stuff over 2 weeks as comp.

I’d gladly take that and go touch some grass for extended maint.


Its on the announcement, the servers that are going through a merge can take up to 16 hrs maintenance, brilliant idea to mix server merges with a legion raid release :slight_smile: amazon and smilegate never stop surprising us, sadly always in terrible ways.


They are going for a new record, last big patch maintenance wasn’t long enough.

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At least they announce that they are going to extend the maintenance before they are going to do it instead of finding numerous critical problems during maintenance


Am I tripping or they’re giving us login rewards as compensation even though we’re already bound to get a month of login rewards for each update BY DEFAULT?

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In wow there are a lot of people that plan their vacation around raid release, just the fact that first we still don’t have confirmation 2 days before a raid release and second, we now know that we might not even be able to play day 1 in Europe is beyond my imagination, in every other MMO you have clear confirmation of raid dates weeks before release, I guess this game is really supposed to be played as a casual, because as a hardcore player it keeps getting worse and worse.


I don’t like defending AGS (i think all of us know how messed up this publisher is) but:

  1. Is for the merged regions. It was OBVIOUS that those regions would have extended maintenance as it’s not simply a “lets plug an HDD to another computer!”. And you can be sure that there is a high chance that the transfer can easily get extended to 24-48 hours.

I’m pretty sure AGS is giving a really optimistic ETA because this type of operation takes more time.

  1. This isn’t wow, we don’t have world first kills.
  2. At least the regions are getting a heads up. At this point it is better than the mess that happened some weeks ago.

While I’m more than happy to be very vocal to bad practices and the severe issues this publisher has, at least let’s do it in things that are actual issues.


So what about starting the merge 1 day before for affected regions or do it a week prior to major content release? Noone with 4+ years experience that they ask in their hiring listings thought of that? What a company dude…


Hey now. Positivity isn’t allowed around these parts.

let us be

Doing server merges alonside big content patches is a bad practice by itself, theres nothing to defend here, but lets pretend that doing server merges now instead of october when theres literally no content is the play, yep.


meh, only stated at least the did something correct for once, buttt i am expecting them to screw up the updates and end up extending the maintenance for NA lol.

AGS never disapoints us.

I understand that this doesn’t affect you, but this is the the worst thing for me personally since the day the hyper express was implemented and the only way for me to use it was to delete a character and start another from scratch (which was what I did btw, if you are thinking about it, yes it was still worth it). If I that am profoundly pissed about this issue don’t express my emotions, who will? Should I just stop playing the game if super simple things (that never should happen in the first place) make me super frustrated? I understand that pheons are a problem for the enjoyment of the game, the price of BC, inflation in general, bots, RMT, all this are problems that shouldn’t exist, but this is clearly a decision problem, something super easy to fix, but they don’t even realize that decisions like this affects a lot hardcore players, maybe they are just against hardcore players idk