16:10 aspect ratio support

Please add support for 16:10 aspect ratios without black bars!

I know that 16:9 is pretty much the standard, but 16:10 is becoming more popular especially with modern laptops. There’s no reason for the black bars. If it’s an issue with gaining an advantage in pvp, why is 21:9 an option then? Just add a fog of war for pvp as I’ve seen this suggested.

Loving the game so far, but the black bars suck.



Yes please its sooo annoying and takes vision. Even in a game like D2 I dont have this issue.

100% this. I found a workaround that lets me use 16:9 without mouse position issues, but it requires going into Full Screen mode which then defeats the purpose of having 2 monitors
Plus the game just randomly crashes when you tab away

Support for 16:10 would be awesome. This post needs more attention.

edit: People have been addressing this in 2019 already. So I’ll guess there will be no support for 16:10.

How is this a thing in 2022? Add 16:10 support! Cant believe this this isnt in the game by default… The black bars are extremely immersion breaking SMH

Please add 16;10 support, so annoying