18 hones at 1400 one success

Yeah I just used 260 GHLs 10k guardian stones saved up for who the hell knows how long and used solar graces each hone to bring it above 20 %. Sometimes 25 %. No matter how good or bad I am at the game nothing matters and week of progress gets wasted like this. Hours and hours of playing wasted on a terrible unfavoring rng system like this sucks so much. Pitied my first item with enhancers.

Now I have to wait 3 weeks + to fail miserably again and then new content will be out by then and whales will blindly not care about what percent is on their screen or how many times they gotta swipe. They need new content cause they beat the game in 5 seconds while f2p gets screwed overby rng and have to wait weeks and can never catch up. Maybe if ghl were easier to get this wouldn’t be so infuriating or if the percentages weren’t there for show. Like 20 and 25% bs. I have 260 failed hones at 1400.83 this is insane.

Say I’m complaining all you want if you had this happen you would say the same thing. When will skill determine how high your ilvl is and not how much you swipe like when

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I pitied 5 items consecutively around that ilvl and not a complaint from me. My number of fails went from 400 to over 500 in a matter of minutes.

Also, how is progress wasted when your artisan and item level goes up? I would agree if it went down, but I somehow doubt that was the case. Progress is still progress regardless if pace is fast or slow, or if rng is on your side or not. ‘Progress’ will only get increasingly slower in the future, but it won’t be wasted.

Also there is no correlation between progress/ilvl and skill. An ilvl 1490 is not always more skilled than an ilvl 1445.


You didn’t believe in the heart of the cards hard enough. :rofl:


i can feel you. I was struggle grinding to 1415 but finally got to there without p2w.
to this point i dont even know if horning rate buff gonna help much cuz it’s rng anyway.
hope you get to 1415 soon. Bless RNG God


I used over 600 ghl to pity 1 thing xD. Won’t get better

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Honing over 1400 is all about artisian sucess with 10% is almost impossible. Later you only lookin for 100% artisian you cant count for fast upgrade with 5% chances. I get to 1440 without spending single penny since released and I doubt if anyone who swipe spending their money for honing is senseless when u have 5-10% chances they buy 10 lvl gems.

They made it clear they aren’t going to change honing, so you have a decision to make.

260 fails at 1400 is insane luck btw considering I know some ppl that hit 500 before 1415. The 1370 to 1400 is the real issue

i was LUCKY on my way from 1400 - 1415.
but i needed 700 leapstones, 16k blue shards (all dry, no additional mats)

This, this is the world we live in.
People who think action should always be rewarded.
Dude. We ALL KNOW. Because we play the game too.
I literally failed over and over and over. Then i pitied my chest. Then back to failing all next week.

Its progression. Youre too busy worried about what everyone else is doing and thats why you are 1400.

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It is what it is, I am not looking forward to moving up from 1370. Some on here have a minimum 500 fails before reaching 1400++

This morning i spent 40K gold to hone my 2 pcs of armor from +10 to +11

The other day i manage to do +10 to +15 weapon with only 6 try

There’s a time that i spent 40K + 2 stacks of red and blue stone each to bring my 1340 to 1370

It is what it is, just play other game if this is not suitable for you

Anyway it’s the same system with other MMO out there, last time i play WoW the BiS trinket from Denathrius also didnt drop for me till they release jailer.


You’re playing a P2W game! Wake up! If you don’t like that whales and dolphins get ahead of you, then quit ffs. Know what the game is and if you don’t like it, fine. No one is saying you have to, but stop complaining about a game that is P2W. Stop fomo’ing and just enjoy the game.

I pitied almost every item up to 1415, after that I 1-2 tapped every piece for a while and got 1445 in a matter of days afterwards. It all depends on how lucky you are. It’s literally a chance.

Thing is , it’s nice to have a chance to one tap than you must have X number of mats for one tap in the absolute sense.

It is the least worst option

People look at honing wrong, the chance shouldn’t matter, you should concentrate on the artisan energy, once you’ve filled it up, congratulations you’ve leveled up.

If you level up before that it’s just a nice little bonus.


Exactly, but some people don’t like it and don’t understand probability and feel they must one tap all the time. I’ve pitied plenty of time, no rage from me. Nice to one tap at times, it’s a bonus

i remember getting about 15 fails from 1340- 1370, while people above getting everything pitied. It is pure luck.

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I agree only with 1 thing, GHL is pretty hard to get and expensive. But the honing and rng thing and failing is just a game thing. It’s how it works and its how it makes u to addict and spend more time, its RPG game. Everyone has this time when we do 100% artisan, too many of us 1 tap hones. Don’t bring whales here. If you don’t like it don’t play it, game tells you how it is. No one will change the game just for you. 260 fails is nothing tbh. some ppl already have 900+ so be cool with it.

Suck huh, RNG is a bitch.

You can complain and vent your frustration, but it would be better to start changing your perspective of honing.

At a first glance, the honing system is RNG, but if you take a deeper look and think about it, then it’s really just another experience bar that you are raising to 100%. As your ilevel increases, it will take a longer time to gradually fill the experience bar or artisan energy in this case back to 100%.

If skill determines how high your ilevel is, then you best believe that people doing Valtan dying from falling would have a mediocre ilevel and only a few players would have a high ilevel due to their skill to not get pushed off the platform.