1800 hr - not interested in the game anymore

i have bad english anyway

when we had hope [ Mid June ] Vykas will come at 16th i took a 4 days off my work just to play it they delay it i took another 1 week off my work and wow they delay it again yesterday not the first time AGS for you this game is a money machine but for us its where we share good memories and get to know new friends people do not talk often in gradian raids and chaos Dun but in legion raids more fun but i know that whatever i say will not effect the current situation money comes first a game or business or whatever type of business money comes first

just saying what i wanted to say i used to play 24/7 but not anymore release vykas what ever time you want i just dont care anymore even if everything is fixed had enough i have only 45 days off i can take in 1 year and already lost two weeks waiting for this ill spend the rest on my self and ill play just to do legion raids and gradian raids you know whats funny i paid around 26k$ but now i feel like i dont need to spend even if i see someone over me in GS even the skins ill just buy it from the market after months of releases nothing will go away everything will be available in market not interested anymore playing 2 hours daily now

anyway hope for the rest to find good memories and new friends and joy


you are better off if you were putting that much time into it anyhow.


Same I’m 1050+ hrs and I can barely be bothered to log in since it takes 10mins to load or even do my dailies on my main. My alts are all full rested and I cba to do another Yoho or Argos on them.


Well…it’s your fault for taking days off for a Patch which never had a specified/exact release date and just teasers/possible hints on the release date.

Anyhow: Good luck with your future endeavours

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Mid June man mid june is what ? 30th i mean come on i trusted there announce about mid june but whatever


That’s why they always say things like “aiming for…”. I get what you mean but it’s not a big deal honestly

Your own fault. Adios. Also give me your stuff

Im sorry about your holydays :confused:

Byeeee, mail me all your goodies, from gold to gears. This is my in game name, sharing is caring.

Nobody is suprised u get bored after 1800h I got bored after 600 xd I play only Thrusday Friday and Saturday there is no reason to log into game in rest of the week xd

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Come on, They fixed this within the last week. I have been able to log in without que on one of the most poulated servers without fail

AHAHA! Theres you’re issue, you trusted the proposed release date. Has anything been timely or on time so far. Mostly no.

I have been logging in at reset and then take a 3days hiatus then use rested and take another 3days off. Been using those 3days to get back into Outriders since that’s coming out next week and also preparing myself for when they release Spiderman and Morales in Aug Poggers to Sony for bringing it to PC

It’s not the queue there aren’t any on my server EUC. It’s actauly opening the game from Steam going through EAC to get into the game. After I’m in it lags like crazy when loading everything up for the first few mins. I have an I7 PC with a gtx1370 graphics card.

why would you take off 4 days of work to do a single boss? Lol. and even if it was more than a single boss. why would you take off 4 days of work in a game with no forced player interaction?

This is thing thing that boggles me about peoples attitudes in this game. Literally your I level. engraving set, gems, cards only matter to you and your friend group. For all intents and purposes this game is diablo 2 lobbies where you can see other people in towns.

People spending 5 million dollars on royal crystals and getting 1590 Ilvl doesnt effect you in the slightest.

People buying a legendary costume for RL money has no impact on you.

People playing for 1500 hours compared to someone at 200 hours has no impact.

Play at the pace you do normally and enjoy doing what you want to do. Don’t feel like doing dailies this week? skip them. you are only slowing yourself down and that doesn’t matter in the slightest.

I personally don’t want vykas pushed fast, because my friend group will want to do it. I like argos and valtan, they are fun. If vykas comes out. I can choose to not do it if I don’t want to. If I wasn’t high enough to do it, It wouldnt effect me long term because my Ilvl only matters to me. and your Ilvl only matters to you. If you kill vykas for 2 weeks before I can do it, big deal. eventually we will all be around the same level as we all kill the same stuff over and over.

There is no open world boss that a guild locks down and pvps for, channels are made when needed, dungeons and raids are all instanced.

Diablo 2 simulator. Stop taking off from work.

If you actually played 1.8k hrs, it’s actually time to stop. Turn off the PC and walk outside to touch grass and see the sun for the first time in months. Come back in a week-month if you want to see Vykas boobas, but better to just type it into Google images.

lmao gotem pepega

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taking time off work for a game lol what a dumbass bye

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“i paid around 26k$”

$26K ???
You’ve put $26K on a game??

10% of the game is out and you push it to the limit.
Your own fault, bye.