1800 hr - not interested in the game anymore

1800h , just get a life , like a real life lol , and paid 26k what a joke xD

Buy shards with your gold before quitting ! So when you decide to come back you are jeff bezos of lost ark

plays 24/7
took 4 days off work to play a game
if your already playing 24/7 why take 4 days off work

also you must be playing ~15 hours a day to have 1800+ hours in the game already, so how do you find time to work, sleep and play with that kind of time…

don’t forget the $26k bruh lmaoooooooooooooooooooo

You might want to get your PC looked at. My extreme budget PC goes from launch to in-game in 1:49 seconds. And by extreme budget, I mean I spent less than $700 on the system (excluding peripherals)

bruh got the perfect game 4 u

the best part is all you need to do to get more content is swipe

work is a means to an end. u dont live ur life to do work. u work for money which enables to do the things u want to do.

which in his case is lost ark. nothing wrong with it. u spend money / time on things that u enjoy, samething as taking days off for a vacation trip.

this is basically equivlent to his flight getting canceled lol

Its probably a troll post, you cant be that mentally challanged.

hold my beer.

this post top tier bait but deadass people like this play this game man

also still funny as fuck to see cosplay as actual retard

A lot of people work from home, so they can play while they work. I also have nearly as many hours in the game just because I’m often logged into the game while I’m working.

“Release Vykas whenever, I don’t care anymore” >proceeds to write a 260 word forum post.

Sure buddy, see you when servers are up.

You played the game for ~13,5 hours a day since release. Thank god you’re taking a break from the game. You’re gonna feel so good coming back after it :slight_smile: Have fun with your time off buddy

Omg so much money for so little, you would better spend them on whores, that would be much more fun. Man common, if you are like 1530 everyone will be there in few months as well for free, you really wasted your money hard.