18/18 on Character slots in store but only 12 available in game. Literally false advertising a product

Indeed , unfortunately i thought i would be playing a new character only to realise i just got scammed by a company that is basically false advertising an item. Which in many ways can be considered braking the law under Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading as this issue has existed for over a month and they have not taken any proactive action to fix or refund, in fact they have left the 18/18 on the store to trick people into purchasing a product they cannot use as advertised.

What is shocking is that this is in the store and has not been limited or fixed to this day.

Don’t bring a dum argument such as “You can use it later when more slots release” no where on the item in store does it mention that you will have to wait for more slots.

yea i have an extra ticket… wasted 800 royal crystals

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Truly a feels bad man and support response is laughable.