1900+ Queue on Mari this Morning

This is getting really old if you have an hour to play you better start the game hours before… Today I was in queue for 45 minutes and then got an error and it closed the game had to start over…

Yep… So I mainly played on Valtan since launch, last night was by far the worst. I usually get off work around 830pm pst and log on to try to do some dailies but this past week its been in the 8k queue times just in Valtan alone. I have 1 character in Mari and that was at 3k last couple of nights… Its kind of made my interest evaporate, really hoping this gets resolved soon.

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I mean, it costs more to have to shut down a game you invested millions in, so kinda their call at this point. And they just don’t seem to care.

These queues are getting ridiculous, having to wait 1 or more hours to play is unacceptable

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Im on Mari but dont know other servers situation to compare.

Logged on Saturday morning 8am NZ time and had 4730 que . Took 1.5 hours to go down

Fluctuating server capacity is one of the ways we are combatting the lag and instability unfortunately, however we are working towards putting some fixes in place to better stabilize the server in our next maintenance. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this and our team is keeping a close eye both on the server health and player’s thoughts.

Thank you for keeping us updated. Personally, I think that permanently resolving these issues should be a high priority. These issues did not used to exist so it is clear there is something wrong that can be fixed. A permanent 1-1.5 hour queue no matter the time of day is a dealbreaker for some of us.

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I agree, the queues are disheartening as i don’t have much time to play at all. With these queues i literally don’t have any time to play since 99% of the time is waiting to enter the game. What a joke.

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LOL 9077 queue on Mari


Why does it sound like they’re delusional enough to think REAL players are playing so much that this is why we have queues??? My server had no queues even during launch but now there’s queues? HAHAHAHA. Yes, definitely players returning. Not the hundreds of bots I see in Vern or Luttera… surely not!

What on earth is going on with Mari that is giving it so many issues? Other servers are not having these issues. Is it the hardware that is hosting that particular server?

I am confused. The other day there was 14K queue for Mari. Then a maintenance. The queues went away. Now they are back again? Is this a bot thing? I am still reading up on this VPN thing that happened. I have a VPN, but only use it for Netflix. Wouldn’t that have lowered the queues? When did Valtan have lower queues then Mari? I switch servers because Valtan queues where so bad. I just want to get home from work and relax a bit by playing a game I paid for. Yes, I guess I am a sucker because I per-ordered the game. I am almost afraid to log out for fear of queues. Might have to use the drinky drink bird trick to keep me logged in all the time.

Hi CM, I know you guys are working quite hard and there really isn’t much of a thing that you guys can actually do, but this queue time has been ridiculous on Mari. Literally, every time I log in for the past 4 days I would be stuck in a 10k-5k queue for about a couple of hours. And given that I am on vacation from work, have a completely fked up sleeping schedule and living in a different timezone than NA West, my online times are normally the lowest populated times there are as I normally play during early mornings. The fact that a queue at what is considered to be the lowest player count time is at 5k+ has really affected the experience, and I cant imaging how it would be like for those that plays mostly in the more populated time periods.

I do apologize if this comment comes off a little offensive, but sitting in a 2 hour queue everytime I try to log in has certainly been quite taxing.

Can we have a technical explanation of how limiting server capacity helps to manage lag?

If server capacity is restricted, doesn’t it have less bandwidth to cope and thus create more lag for everyone? Isn’t it better to have a higher capacity so the max throughput is always higher than demand?

I’m sorry but I’m just thinking from a very layman point, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.


plus, bots dont log out. reducing server capacity just means fewer real players can log in. great decision!

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I honestly don’t know how people are playing on Valtan now. No matter when I try to log in, morning, noon and night, it has queues of 2k to 8k. I haven’t played in 3 days now because I don’t have time to sit in a queue for an hour or 2, and play. I get 1-2 hours to play at most at a time. I have literally 0 complaints about any other part of the game and I don’t mind spending money or going slow or grinding or failure rates or anything else.

But, not being able to log in and play is a real deal-breaker. And it sounds like you’re doing this on purpose. I guess this is really it for me.

I’m in Enviska server and my queue time for the past couple days have consistently exceeded 2,000… I literally need to wait 30 min for the number to go down for me to enter the game. It moves at such a slow pace. What is going on?!?

I haven’t been able to log in for almost two days now. Mari is currently at ~7300 in queue. I’m not sitting here for over an hour to log in.

Bots will be the downfall of this game while they sit on their rears doing nothing about it.

Trust me, all the other servers are having the same issue. I’m on Enviska and we’re having long queue times as well, and it doesn’t matter what time of day. (Not as long as Mari, but still consistently in the 3k regardless of the time and higher in peak hours).

These gold sellers are so God damn STUPID, having a direct impact on their potential customers from logging in… way to go chasing away their customers the morons!

These parasites are essentially killing the host they feed off…

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