19k queue - Shop unavailable - diamond disappear - unclaimable item

Hello everyone.
I am a European player, I bought the platinum founder pack, the vanquisher starter pack and I am forced to queue up with 19,000 players to be able to enter the game (about 3 hours if not more waiting) and once I enter the game I cannot not even redeem what I paid for because the in-game shop does not work and therefore not even the possibility to redeem the items purchased!
My in-game gems are reset, my founder title is no longer available and the Crystalline Aura disabled …
Will anything be given in return for this discomfort?
And why doesn’t the platinum founder pack have a privileged login queue? Are you saying we paid to play 3 days earlier than the others to compensate for the inability to play at launch?
That’s it … I hope for an exhaustive answer, have a nice day. :+1:

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Hi @Lyunchan :mage: :man_mage:

I’m so sorry that you’re having an issue with the store and with the servers, we don’t want anything messing with your gameplay experience.

We appreciate your patience regarding the player queue we are in lunch weekend and it’s expected to the amount of new players (which we appreciate very much :smile: ).

Regarding the shop issues i inform you that we are already aware of the issue and this will solve soon, you just have to continue playing Lost Ark. Please check the following link for more information:

Regarding the in-game store

Thanks for your patience! :dragon:

you got an answer, that’s something… i didnt get one, but i can play
now if you just could play then 90% of your disappointment would be gone.
but as long people can fake being on there pc. just press t and start running
im looking at a guy running into a wall (and doing this for hours) just to stay in game. seen this a lot and that why queue is not getting lower.

I’d like to be able to “keep playing” if only I weren’t trying to enter the game at 12:00 with a queue of 19000 and now, 15:25, I still have 7618 people in front of me …
I took the bronze founder pack, the platinum founder pack and the vanquisher pack for a total of more than 180 € and not only can I not enter the game, if I manage to enter, I cannot even benefit from the purchase made. …
you could at least guarantee priority access for the platinum founder …
we paid to access a free game … we are not free users!

The situation is still improving.
Now I have no more queuing problems, now I can’t even queue!