1milion players vs 100milions bots

Dear whatever is in charge,

Please take your sweet ass time and implement phone number account sync.

Yours sincerely,
The Community


Basically all low level zones are full with bots.
They are using speed hack (running without mounts with mount speed, or even faster), they are teleporting and they are running through walls.

The title is actually accurate, there are more bots in low level zones than actual players. It’s pretty disturbing, especially when they’re killing all the mobs that you need for the quest (yes, they are teleporting to the mobs and slaying them before you can hit them).


No not phone number. Not everyone has a phone. For me it’s a waste. I use a landline.
But they need a capcha, or even what genshin has where its a puzzle and you drag the piece to where it belongs. Simple things like that would stop all the bots.


Not everyone has a phone? You’re joking, right?


I’m on my computer every hour of the day outside of sleep. Why on earth would I need a cellphone?

Literally have only a landline. Phones are just a waste of money for myself and others like me.

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that’s actually a great way to screw the bots! really curious on why they didn’t think about it in the first place. instead of nerfing Rapport NPC’s gold and just doing “ban waves” while this idea is literally perfect against the bots.


Not really. Without a phone you can’t use Two-Factor Authentication. Which is a pretty big security risk since you can get hacked anytime, you’re an easy target to hackers. If you want to keep your online accounts secure you need a phone.
I mean yeah, some services provide e-mail authentication. But since your e-mail has no 2FA, it’s still risky.


so you just dont like it personally but have no other arguments against it…great…now lets give us 2FA with a phone or smth to get rid of most of the bots

I think bigger issue is many actual players are using hacks aswell. They need better system to detect hacks and bot movements… not some stupid phone number verification.

agree, they should get rid of their current “anti cheat” system. Like everyone can see, it doenst work and its complete bs and also slows down the start of the game extremly

yeah i suppose that so many bots are around. the punishing for bots transaction and get money to actual people is not working well ;/

I dont use a phone either, life is so good when there is no devil ringing for the smallest stupid reasons, they can only find you if you want to be found :slight_smile:

Random little puzzle sliding should be implemented, its a minor annoyance for real players but will break the botting system for good.

Did you know that there’s a really cool function in phones? It’s called “mute”. :man_facepalming:

There is no reason to have a phone if its on mute :person_facepalming:

Please make it happen

why are you asking AGS? Steam is the account for Lost Ark. You need to contact Steam.

It’s 2022. You can use your phone for basically everything, not just calling. :sweat_smile:
And phones are almost necessary if you want to keep your online accounts safe.

Player : we hope AGS can hire more people for banning bots :frowning:
if AGS still use thier software for banning bots, so many player will get banning for no reason :frowning:
AGS : who cares about BOTS? we care about my game at top charts :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: AND I GET COMPANY BONUS