1st Anniversary Skins Character Lock

I’ve seen a post about this befoe but no CM’s or anyone responded. The Anniversary Skins chest from the vendor say bound to roster, but when you purchase them it becomes locked to whatever class buys, is this intentional? cause there seems to be no warning about this anywhere and it is completely different behaviour from other skins bought from npc vendors. Any info would be appreciated.

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I have done a little research and haven’t find an official source detailing the Anniversary Skins chest terms of uses and limitations. I gonna request more info and will update this post when have it available.

If your Anniversary Skins chest is bound to the incorrect character I encourage you to contact AGS customer support to request further assistance.

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I guess to clarify a bit more, the chest can be moved across characters. just the only thing it will open too is the skin for the class I bought it on, so I can put the chest in my sorcs inventory but it will still only open a zerk skin

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So to be sure, you made the purchase with your Berserk and move the chest to your sorcerer to get the skin on her, but it still is a Berserk skin as you did the transaction with that character, correct? (Example or not, is just the case description)

I am still waiting for more info so I can answer your question above.

when you purchase them it becomes locked to whatever class buys, is this intentional?


Yeah thats exactly what happened

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I am escalating the topic, can you provide me a picture with the description in the Anniversary skin chest from your side (both, character skin and weapon)?


I already used the skin chest on the berserker, but they come seperatly so I assumed it would roster locked and not character locked but if im wrong then thats my fault.

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Just bumping this cause I dont really have any confirmation if this is a bug or an error of my own making. I dont mind wish as im not in a rush to use the chest but just want to know for my own reassurance.