1st Awakening quest bugged, impossible to get skill

In the first step of the awakening quest: Thirst for Power, Beatrice is supposed to give me a Chaos Shard item for me to interact with, however she never gave me anything and now I’m stuck forever without the awakening. I’ve tried relogging into the game, as well as abandoning the quest, leaving and coming back to Trixion to restart it, all to no avail.

I’m uninstalling the game if the problem isn’t fixed.

IGN: Joohyün
Server: South America, Yorn.

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consider yourself lucky cuz i didn’t even get the command promt

Did you check your inventory? Sometimes things go into your inventory quests to the left of dismantle in your inventory. I have had to find things like that several times. Took me forever too. Either that or you might have to go back to an area to finish a quest etc.