1V1 and 3v3, competetive matches? Question for devs

Hi, is there chance wi will get 1V1 and 3V3 competetive matches???, if yes, when?, we are now waiting too long for it with friends, it starting be boring play against low players in in no competetive matches, we need more challanging pvp against better players,
Thanks for info.

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Hey, i agree with that we clearly need a 3v3 premade, it’s annoying when you can play with friends to be forced to play solo !
Smilegate said they would focus more on pvp with the season 2 but from what i’ve seen it’s just an update about balance but nothing more.
I might be wrong tho if someone can confirm or correct me !

the 1v1 pvp balance is total garbage why would you want a 1V1 ranked match ?

i played 1v1 with some classes and for me it was great, saw all clasess dominating, i think in this it is well balanced, all about skill of players, it is more funny like unbalanced 1vRNG i am not lucky guy, that is why i cant play it, always got teamates that both has lower dps and eat more dmg like me, it is like my honning, 423 fails at 1400 ilvl… i am just unlucky, but 1v1 is great becouse it is about skill no luck

This. Pvp is almost dead now because no-one plays it, the majority of players assumed we would be able to do 3v3 with you know… our 2 other team mates… instead of pot luck random games every time…

idk about premade ranked 3v3 but having some tournament event in game for golds would be great.

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