1v1 Artillerist

Artillerist in Team-Elimination is kinda broken… he can stunlock everyone across half the map, dash into you, stun you and you can’t do anything. After this, you loose 50% of your hp. And you aren’t able to do anything against it. Furthermore he has a shield, that shields a lot of damage an also gain immunity to stun locks

dont play pvp it’s not for you every class is for his own balanced

Deadeye/Gunslinger: Sweats in mobility, good staggers, high dmg combo
Deathblade: Sweats in high mobility, hard to stagger
Demonic: Sweats in high mobility, annoying ranged staggers, high dmg combo

In all seriousness, Artillerists are a noobcheck class. They’re strong, but they only have 1 real playstyle - catch someone with a ranged cc like gatling gun, dash, stun, homing barrage, air raid, howitzer or napalm for juggle.

Here’s a tip, Artillerist shields are actually push (t2) immune (Look up on some cc guides for details), so all you need to do is throw a hard (t3) cc - Electrocute, freeze, stun, etc at him and he’s got nothing to respond with, especially if he does not have his roll (10s cd).

Complaining is fine, but if you’re going to complain, take some time and look into the class you’re struggling against, otherwise you’ll never get better.