1vs1 PVP Anika Arena Map

Can we have some more new map for the PVP arena?
Right now we’re only have 2 maps and 1 of the map “Anika arena” suck.
The map is way too small and there are certain classes can take advantage in the arena “Artil & SF” I’m a SF and I would just wait the hard CC out and get to the middle of the map then use my Kameha wave to hit my enemy, but unlike Artil I only have 1 skill that can hit across the map.
Playing against an artil in Anika is super frustrating and it’s only happen in Anika map due to the arena is so small. I have no problem with the other map at all so please get some new maps or just remove the Anika Arena.

but doesnt artillerist in turret move have a very slow turn rate? You can just stand on his side or behind him and hit him just keep staying behind him then he won’t be able to do anything to you while you get to free hit all day

Slow turn rate? I legit tried to dodge with my 3 dashes and I still not able to get away from his turret attack. Granted I did manage to run around long enough to only get hit during the last couple hit but it staggered me and I’m already out of dash so my char basically stood there and take the whole blast of his next attack. The only time I manage to get away from an Artil was thank to lag.
I do not mind Artil but I do mind the Anikka Arena. As a SF I do gain advantage point fighting in Anikka Arena but that is super cheese and I believe that arena map need to go.