2 1445 chaos dungeons 2 GHL?

i just log in and start for my dailies and meanwhile im doing my chaos i realise that there is not much loot there not only great honor leapstones but other drops also wasnt satisfying. and in the end i had 500 blue 130 red 2 leapstone some gems(idk how many because i had some too in my inventory) is this normal or this is problematic and anyone else had same?

Just unlucky runs :slight_smile: sometimes you get legit 10, sometimes 2 GHL as you experienced now

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ah i thought there is minimum drop

full RNG mate.

Was discussed previously, nothing happened. I got 120 red and 350 blue for two chaos dungeons twice now in one week… Normal is more like 450-500 blue, with Yoho dismantle usually never below 600. People think it’s RNG, Amazon does not care… I’ve gotten 300 blue as fresh 1302, should not be the case 1400+. Something is amiss here.

Yup SGs idea of RNG variance is 0-100, sometimes (most) you will get 3 guardian stones for killing a lvl 2 boss. The game is designed to get you to use mari’s shop so start swiping harder.

Just RNG. Since Leaps are not in the higher numbers that Dest/Guard stones are, its more subject to RNG drop chance. In the end it overall avgs out but you can easily have runs where you get a few and some runs where you get a bunch.