2 Bugs for your information

I’ve noticed if 3 people accept and 1 doesn’t it punishes the accepting players by locking their que at 4/4 forcing them to (i’ve just gone to stronghold and back) to reque as it won’t allow you to quit que and you are essentially out of the que and waiting won’t put you in another group ect. It’s extremely annoying since after waiting the 30sec you are then locked and have to reset and now you have to reque and wait to find a new group and i had this happen 3 times in a row to me today. Is this a known about bug?

Also when doing the Hard mode dungeons occasionally when entering with a party it just won’t enter (after all hitting accept screen going black) making you all reform and enter again, happened twice to me so far.

^ just want to point out these bugs in case someone needs to know

I always join a guardian raid matchmaking queue and immediately back out. (Dont do something like Deska as you will immediately find a group and have to refuse which is sad for them)

Hi @Godincarnet thanks for the report! I’m moving your post from the French forums to the English-speaking “bug report” category for visibility, thank you once again! :slight_smile:

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The Oreha bug is caused because you have a pop up window open as you queue in and for some reason that cancels the load in screen for your character, Ive also had the rare bug where it doesnt let me queue into oreha at all unless I relog my character.