2 days no T3 chest for my Destro

is this normal ? seriously ? normal ? holy f

Welcome to the crappiest timegate in the game, that exists for no reason other than to frustrate players.

have 7 toons in t3

2 got it 1 day
2 got it 2 days
2 got it in 2 days with 5 runs thanks to aura essence
my main at the time was gated for 3 days

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I’ve got 4 t3 and all have gotten sets in the 2 runs

i have 7 t3 and 4 of them had to wait at least the next day to get the full set

i had my destroyer wait with rested until i came out and then with feiton pass and honing i get him to 1100. With rested bonus he was able to get full set after one chaos run. Now 1392 ilvl ready to be 1400+ before next reset if im lucky enough.

happy for you i will maybe push him to 1392 too probably next year when i’ll finally loot this missing chest :+1: