2 days without progress, didn't drop set on 1300 ilvl

The randomness of this game is terrifying. Second day, I didn’t manage to get the entire 1300 ilvl set out of the dungeon chaos. I am blocked, the only thing I can do is Alt + F4 and enter the game the next day. When friends progress, I am waiting for a stroke of luck.

you know the game is not only gearing??? What about your alts, are they already T2? What about una tasks?

I don’t have time to play 10 characters. I want to play one character doing raids together with my friends.

I had the same issue when I hit t3 the other day. No solution currently sadly. Just do your unas and look for some islands to run through. Or work on an alt. You dont have to play 10 of them even one will help your account immensely.

There is almost no content in T3 now. Your friends will start to play their alts soon.

For example I lost change to do Abyssal dungeon in this week. Still, if I hadn’t rng, I could have done more.