2 hour lockouts are probably destroying pvp

I can see why no one plays this mode now. What if I had to decline a match cuz of anything. I got other things to do that come up spontaneously. This lockout will not fix people declining matches at the very least.

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Sad thing is those penalties don’t even help pvp queue, I get constant canceling when i see parties of masters/grandmasters. I am sure some thing strange is going on. first they need to fix this match found fail.

Fix your f queue smilegate/amazon


it does tho

Explain? People don’t even bother with pvp enough already but lockout the few who do play for 2 hours? Oh that makes total sense

you want me to explain how being locked out from queuing up for pvp stops people from declining? well its self explained.

you already have another thread about this, not sure why you made another instead of continuing from the other one.
But i will say this if you have a life situation where you randomly and constantly have to go away from the pc. just stop playing online games and go back to games you can just pause.
Blaming the game for having a system in place to stop people from abusing isnt the way to go.

I think you dont play ranked to much, the ranked is full of match cancelations. Its clear thats some kind of bug or exploit going on

go do your other things that came out spontaneously

imagine complaining for wasting 2 minutes of 5 other people and still feeling entitled

There was a post/thread about this a few weeks back. The player wanted more punishment and 2 hours is not enough lmao. I mentioned locking everyone longer than 2 hours, pvp is a dead content period lmao. Disconnection got people quitting yet want more than 2 hours lockout for pvp. :joy:

tbh though, I don’t really think that many ppl decline pvp on purpose
for most of my cases it’s the long queue I got impatient and start browsering other stuff and missed the sound alert
I mean, most other games let you travel around between maps without cancelling queue
and the response time is longer with heavier penalties, but this game u literally don’t have much options while you queue for match
you can’t expect the player just to waste time in queue
I should be able to go in and out strongholds, should be able to use bifrost, should be able to do other contents while I wait so I don’t have to tab out and miss the alert