2 Monthish left for artist release 😁

2 months till the artist comes to the west. I can’t wait to include her in my roster :grin:


Holy crap you people are toxic lmao. Leave dude alone. You took a break thats wussup. Spmetimes it helps and you come back and enjoy the game more.


Some of you act like this game is so important, lol.

well i welcome you back from your small break. see u in Arkesia


No need to explain. You’re good. Dude is just weird.

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I’m not here to change your mind. I simply posted excitement about a class release.

Okay, im also adding her to my roster, she is so cute!

My future AYAYA


2 and a half month …

plus delay

pls more bugs, dc, bots and more

2-3 Months i gues we dont know if HM Brell / Artist gona release early/mid/end april or even mai … or much early / later.

With almost 1 day pre info we never get any details early enough thats the sad truth.

Usually most class release gets confirmed a week before release on their Twitter and other social medias

I’m not mad. People will point out anything and everything even without context or understanding of it. Same as with the previous post on the time to move on post. That post was left vague on purpose with no ETA or any additional context.

I can say I’m playing the KR version now and others will come in saying so you hate the global version, don’t talk about the global version etc. With no additional context or understanding on why assumptions will be made. I chose not to give additional context and/or reasoning to my post due to it linking personal things in my life that I see no reason to say to others that I don’t know on a forum website.

And the best part is that she is support, so no first two weeks gatekeep like DPS ones.


No gatekeep thats the best part uwu

The only thing what we atm know is bevor artist release next ark pass season start.

Just need to copium for free Punika/SouthVern pass and maybe hyper event.

We will get express + punika at artist release thats 100% sure

Yea i think so too but without “statement” that comes almost 1week bevor release. Im in doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

How far would be, same as 1445 or to 1460 like KR since brel hard will be out?