2 Monthish left for artist release 😁

Second comment from that same post.



This game will be memorable to me as the first MMORPG I played. Same way League of Legends to me is memorable as the first MOBA I played.

1460 mark my words

Oh I hope so :grin:

To me each first exposure and experience of something new that I truly find enjoyable is memorable. Lost Ark being my first MMORPG falls under that same category. If finding memories like that dig a grave for me, I don’t mind. I’ll choose to love and cherish enough memory in my life to my deathbed.

Our current hyper express ends at feb 8, imagine if they release artist at that date MEGAHYPER COPIUM

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3 Months?

She comes out in April, it’s only january.

She will most likely come out midway through March, seeing as that’s when most of the other content has ever dropped (halfway through the month).

It’s still like 80 days away, just saying… I’m hyped too, but she’s not that close.

Inb4 she’s delayed too for a bizzare reason that’s probably going to be due to “development” (censorship).


Ahhh I didn’t take that into consideration. If she truly comes out midway through March, all the hype for an April release will be gone :sweat_smile:.

I have Hopium that she will come out in April.

I wish it was for the anniversary which would be the best thing they’ve done in a long long time.


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She doesn’t come out in march, in the roadmap it says April.

April is after march :s


Am blind :rofl: thank you for the correction

If they release her in the anniversary that would literally be the best thing AGS could do, but sadly thats 2 much copium :c

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Np, i always get these two months confused as well… I too wish for an April release but it’s not going to happen IMO.

They’ve never changed anything of note on a roadmap yet…

I’m spreading negativity for being realistic. Weird…

Didn’t realize 80 days was such a short time span.

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Well January is nearly over so I guess the saying 2 months from the mindset that we’re in February is wrong since the month isn’t over yet

If someone can go around the world in 80 days

Then Artist release will be sooner than we all think

I hope someone gets my joke


it will be 2 months at the start of febuary sure, technically; end of feb end of march would be 2 months passed, but obviously we are in 01 month and march is 04, that’s still “3 months” i guess.

It’s closer to 80 days though IMO she will probs come out on like April the 12th or 19th. One can hope for an early April release but I doubt it… The witcher event dropped last week on the 18th, as most of the content has usually dropped around midway a through a month

It is possible she could be early April though, with Brel HM and Hanutaman raid, they could stagger these 3 things week on week for April

Yeah technically that’s true, it’ll most likely be midway through April, guessing from the previous event drop dates as you said.

Hmmm, I don’t see that happening, it might be like the summoner release with a big patch on the day that takes 4+ hours to deploy.

If they do stagger that would be great, however, I believe that her release will be treated as the summoner’s release with both her and the raids. With each maintenance there onwards going towards bug fixes and other stuff. Since from there, it’s just Elgasia, aeromancer, Akkan then slayer, or which ever way they’ll like to mix the slayer class in there.