2 questions @Roxx please

With all respect, i just need answers cause i cant understand at all.

  1. Why do you refuse to release every classes of the game on a game “based on alt system” ? So people can enjoy the content way more with classes they love the most and not waste time and ressources for classes they wont touch again once you release what they rly like. its common sense on a game based on alt system. So please answer.

  2. Why do you absolutely want to do “global maintenance” ? Why cant we have a big maintenance like that at midnight like in america ?

  1. NO ONE EVER REFUSED TO RELEASE CLASSES It’s just how content release work for MMORPG, especially when it comes from Asia. Just because KR/RU/JP has them doesn’t mean it’s as easy as moving this here and there and voila you get classes working.

  2. I don’t even know what are you trying to ask here. Lost Ark has weekly maintenance every Thursday with the adjusted start time for each time zone.


Wrong. basically we (Europeans) are having a maintenance from 8am to 4pm and you (Americans) from 12 am to 8 am.

I don’t know about you, but in my case i can only play in the mornings and today i won’t be able to play at all.

It’s the first time that I’m experiencing something like this, normally the maintenances hours are fixed by regions but not here in Lost Ark. That’s awful, and no matter how many times we complain, they don’t do anything about it.

  1. I don’t think they’ve ever talked about refusing to release class. Summoner has been put on the bench bc they’re planning to rework them in KR so makes sense to wait for the rework before releasing them (i could be wrong on that, heard it from somewhere). Also bringing a class involves work (translation, voice acting, rigging probably, I also don’t know if they’re using the same engine but that would add more work on top of that)

  2. Might be linked to how backend works, really wish for you guys in EU for some kind of change on that front though

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That’s the spirit!

You do realize 99% of these kinds of posts are rant and often comes with slander and insults to AGS/SMILEGATE? If you want something, ask nicely.

It’s like asking the Turkish Ice Cream Man to give you ice cream already or you will call cops on him for business malpractice.

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A lot of classes are not fit for launch in our region, look at the other regions as a testing ground. We have a player base that will cancel anything that we don’t like so of course they want to make sure the classes are perfect before they release them in our region.

Well. To name a few, WOW,ESO and LOTRO, the 3 MMOs i played/play all have Maintenance sheduled after what the most convinient is for the US not for Europe.

that cant be it cause they gave us some more recent classes already, arcanist for example is older than a lot of classes we got here. So its not “balancing” or “rework” problems. Also, there is no specific translation for classes and voice actor is the exact same for everyone, the “voice screaming battle” lets say is korean voice actor for everyone. The death blade voice actor btw is incredible, really good job from that girl, same for zerk


I’m perplexed as well, they should have 2 teams, one who manages the EU sever and one for US.

As Ruby said, we Europeans are having maintenance from 8am to 4pm and (Americans) from 12 am to 8 am.

Most or to say every game and MMO have fixed this by regions.

So question here @Roxx , why we don’t have this in Lost Ark ?

Do you have EU Staff at all?
EU Community manager?


oh man. they should totally cater to you, and no one else then!

the entitlement is real.

100% of NA is sleeping. almost all of EU is working. JFC. touch grass.

So you guys want to have your content before NA? Like have different regions go down at different times? Makes zero sense.

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But that’s not in the first post, surely they will start to insult after a few comments where the people are just spilling their thoughts without care, but that’s the result of people being upset after complaining and being left without a proper answer.

Well I played WoW for way too long and the maintenance was never an issue to me.

Just for laughs, we celebrate the new year sooner than you.

many many companies are doing it, it makes sense, cause look how we see it > americans go to sleep, they wake up, patch is up. Europeans go to sleep, they wake up, patch is up. Asian people go to sleep, they wake up, patch is up.
It sounds completly fine and logic to me and i dont care if asian people are gettin the patch earlier, its adapted for their schedule time


What I was saying is I’ve heard they’re working on a rework for summoner which would explain why they swapped it for sorcerer. Some classes make more sense to add first even though they’re older/newer bc of our current roster. And yes there is specific translation for classes… I don’t read korean… I was just listing a couple of things it could be. It’s not just take the character drop it in this file and press “Send patch” there’s people needed to work and transfer those class over. You also need to look for bugs or broken stuff before releasing it

idk what is your source cause it was arcanist supposed to be here instead of sorceress. Idk about summoner rework but they are clearly not touching most of classes. Looks like people try to find excuses that just dont exist.

Now releasing classes is not a technical problem, its just about lets say “road business map”. Release things they think is the best moment to do it. And i think they are doing it rly wrong. But lets see if @Roxx can answer my questions

Not worth replying to anymore. you are right have a good day.

It wasn’t supposed to be Arcana… Summoner was literally in the beta for the NA launch o.O There was a leak about destroyer coming with April update and Arcana in May but we got reminded that the roadmap can and will change depending on analytics from the game.

Also, have you ever touched game dev, coding or a pc in general. Even if it was just moving a file over it would take some amount of work (this is assuming same engine with older version of the game). Corruption can happen, bugs WILL happen.

Please pass this through a translator it sounds like you read/understand only half the words I’m posting. Have a great day

tbh i wouldnt mind an earlier maint. its at like 3 am My time. I feel like, if at all possible staggering maintenences so EU has it at night/early early morning would be beneficial in the long run.

They do maintenance now because its statistically the point of the day where there are the fewest active players across the board globally. They likely have not split it by region for staffing reasons or convenience.

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smh it’s not content