2 weeks before valtan. :) who's ready?

Do you think we will get any kind of new events until Valtan release? I feel like I’m in a loop of doing dailies everyday each week on main/alts (probably should rested them) and get off without anything else to do for fun. Grand Prix was one of the event I feel like I have the most fun while taking a break from doing dailies. Guardian event was fun whenever it first came out, but now felt like another guardian raid… :frowning:

Just curious if we will get different event other than guardians raid before valtan release? I don’t really care too much about reward just something new to do with friends or people on the server :slight_smile:


We will get alot of events but idk before valtan, we got so much rn through the ark pass i dont think there will be more. Everyone who is playing active should also be 1415 for valtan, lets see

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I care everything about rewards so please, event with good mats rewards ,


ye and there is that also…


HAHA this one is epic…yo actually this one is greatness

Personally not 1415 yet but that’s on me not the game. I’m glad it’s coming out. Want the community to enjoy legion raids. Hopefully things look up from there.


I am not and I don’t think you can be WITHOUT buying mats even from the Auction House. It’s a tactic I refrain from and I guess thats why I am on 1401 with 750 hours in and three alts on 1340.

If you don’t buy mats (either Credit Card or Market) you just can’t progress so far. Or I am incredibly unlucky or doing it wrong.

I would like to know if there’s people on 1415 who have NEVER bought mats for gold or from maris shop. I guess it’s not possible.

The gold is used to buy what u need ?

I am just making everyone 1415 instead of pushing 1445 on main. They push each other eventually and just get gated by leapstone income from una s.

It’s possible but it’s a grind. you can do pvp all day and get highest lvl for weekly mats/guild shop/weekly reset/sell gems/etc. but I think what turn some people away is that you have to do dailies every single day on main and alts to hit 1415. A few of my friends done it, but now they burned out since there is nothing to look forward for until valtan release in the next 2 weeks.

You defenitly can, friends of me are f2p and they are 1445 now. Idk if i would get it cause i dont up (saving for upcoming class) but its possible

I am doing every leapstone bound content. My comment was not about f2p or anything. It was about buying mats from the ingame market. So your friends are 1445 without having ever gotten materials from any other source then daylies, weeklies, ingame traders (PvP, Guild, Ships, …), Chaos Dungeons, Abyss Dungeons, Guardian Raids or event specific merchants? again it’s not about f2p it’s about not buying mats from the ingame market (for gold, that is, earned in whatever way) - I can hardly believe that.

i’m trying to reach 1445 (1428) i will do my best for it and after i will try to get one 1415 alt :slight_smile:

bruh its not the point of the game to hord gold like you do probably in rl with toiletpaper
its okay to have less gold but feel good with some zyzz 1taps

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I’m 1438 and should hit 1445 by Valtan (if I get unlucky and don’t, I have about 30k gold in the bank to get there).
I haven’t bought mats from the AH or bought gold with royal crystals. You just need to make sure you maximize your leap stone gain. That means using the +1 una daily that you get from Mari’s Shop from time to time and whatnot.

I haven’t even done all I could since the small leap stones they sell in Mari’s Shop, I just give to my alts. Not to mention, I changed my main once when I hit 1385 on my first main (this was like a week or two after Argos release).

1415 is very doable for f2p and without spending much in game money IF you have good alts set up. Yes, this takes quite a bit of time to work on alts, but hey its a KOREAN MMO, grinding is a core part of the game.

I looked around ingame what item level most people have currently and the shocking truth is A LOT of people aren´t even 1370 yet. I doubt they will release Valtan in 2 weeks, there will be propably 1 or 2 delays before we get it and instead they can finally give us the missing low T3 content.


Not me I may hit 1400 but not 1415 its practically impossible for no swipers and people who are no lifes to hit it.