2 Weeks still sitting on a false ban

So its been 2 weeks now that I’ve been sitting on a false ban for code of conduct saying I cant access the game from my current location and code 10010. Contacted support to see what they could do and basically was told sorry and given a shrug emoji. I will add I started playing in the US and then had to move for work so now I am in Korea but from what I’ve seen from some Korean streamers that shouldn’t have gotten me banned. Kind of at a loss for what to do now since I submitted an appeal again last week and got nothing in return and then again today and since have only gotten the automated responses.


I’m sorry to hear that you had issue within the game that caught yourself to be banned. Currently forum mods and live chat mods can’t see any information related to the ban.

To get more information you need to make a ticket on: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

If you got any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask

no no. you dont have ban. you just cant login.
try many time or setup game again. many people like you @_@

Yeah 10010 with that error code is due to a network configuration issue. Most commonly a VPN or trying to connect from a region that is not supported (Korea in your case).

Appealing will not help in this case as your account is not actually banned. If you want to play the game while living in Korea you will need to switch to the KR version of the game.

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I hope you all are doing excellent.

Thank you for reporting this on our Forums, i’m sorry you are having issues with this penalty.
I understand you were on US and you are now are in Korea @SecretSix.

Please contact our live support channels to report this to be assisted by our Specialized department.

Have an excellent week.