2 Year old, undyable skin for our anniversary? 3+4 year anniversary skins when?

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For our first anniversary, we are getting 2-year-old, undyable skins? Please give us an update on plans for the future anniversary skins.

This seems like a slap in the face for players who have been waiting long and patiently to receive such mediocre skins.

I understand that skins are subjective, but I feel like a 2+3 year skin combo would not be a bad idea. Artist in March is nice, but give us more cosmetics. Give us a reason to celebrate.


Advice: Be Patient.

Wdym old skins? They release it soon for the First time West Version. So for me are the skins New. lol


Very true

Legendary Skins when though? My reaper is not complete.

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so you will wait 1 more year for next anni skin and 2 more for next 2023?
These skins cannot be dyed these skins are of outdated concept that was no longer used by SG in new skins

Who cares about dye? A like the default skin colors. Im to lazy for dye.

Just enjoy what we get and not thinking what " korea all have ".

We play West not Korea. I want Mokoko Emotes. Do we get it? No. Should i cry in corner now?


dye is the reason, why everyone can have unique skins even though they are same.
Whats the point of Skin when you look like everyone else.


There are already many good skins and can be dyed. Why complain about skins that are not here yet? I dont understand.

( ok i didnt know that SG took the " Not dyeable out " need to check if its true. )

But if u dont like. U not missing anything and just wait until next Skins. If u dont wana wait 1 yeart cuz you want anniversary skins 3 / 5 / 6 etc. Its a you problemm.

The thing i dont understand since LA release here in Forum. Whatever realy everything what happens if good / upsi / shit / free stuff, u people are 24/7 complaining.

To be fair: It’s the first anniversary and which skins does SG/AGS (whoever decided that) take? of course the dogshit ones. Same way we got dog skins in the beginning (even dripfed), because why not? they shit on our heads and then we are supposed to be happy for it :slight_smile:

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First? We got 2 anniversary skins. First and soon Second. And u people stil complain.

Buy if u like. Not buy if u dont like. Thats the solution.

Since we dont know if maybe a 3th anniversary skin comes this year. Or whatever skins. Thats looks nice too.

Its complain about nothing. And everything. Its just sad.

Me for exampel i like some of the 2th anniversary. And i gona buy some skins.

This is just our first anniversary, and year 1 and 2 skins have already been made available. The later anniversary skins will come to the game in the future.


The best way is to not buy skins if we care that much, but they have already released 2 anniversary skins in 1 year, so I don’t think they are doing anything wrong here on paper. Also they need to keep 3-4 anniversary skins to juice some money later on. I see shit toon of players rocking 1st anniversary skins even tho they look same on all classes in game and 2nd anniversary skins are way better and unique for each class, so I can see people going ham on them.

With only 2nd year anni skins this year we are officially 3 years behind in anni skins for the rest of time, kinda wack tbf

Even the 4th anniversary gunslinger skin? UNTOUCHED?! :star_struck:

We got 1st anniversary skins in November (9 months into our release).
We are getting 2nd anniversary skins in February (12 months).
How are we 3 years behind, for the rest of time?

Why would they change the GS skin tho?

Cause i dont trust them i guess? xD

under booba skin when

But they haven’t censor any single skin for adult characters and we already have a more revealing skin than the under booba in game o3o

I mean that still doesnt change my point xD

I really dont trust them.

At this point with AGS ill believe anything when i see it, cause their word amounts to nothing.