20++ bot on chaos gate with video Proff! and they are all on t3

its people with that kind of sh*t mentality why we have so many bots. yall just accept it.

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sry dude, nothing new here, but make sure to put up a video for evidence when bots doing Valtan or Vykas~

Curiously, does the secret map get cheaper at the end of all of this?


Dude this has been the same since the old days of mmorpgs …this hasn’t changed … try to make everyone log out cuz of bots and u will be the only clown logging off …there is no union or the ones that complains are minority that’s all …cuz nothing has changed


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What region and server is this? I have never seen bots in chaos gates lol.

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It’s funny that they are still using a skin that’s 1.5 months old or something like that, avoiding detection for that long.


Bots have been in every T2/T3 Chaos gate I’ve done on NA East and West for weeks/months now. Some of them I have obviously run into multiple times because they are already on my blocklist when I try to report them…

Oddly enough they are almost always in animal costumes… the T2 ones are usually a mass of Rat costumes making them very obvious, the T3 ones aren’t quite as consistent.

I watched the T2 (Feiton) ones a few times and its always the same thing, they enter gate, get their gold from map auction, teleport to Avesta Camp, loiter at mail for awhile then teleport away/logout.


Who wants to take bets on if these bots are still around or not?!?!

Yea the skins seem to fly by people, the ones you needed to log in months ago for XD XD

Great change, they still are around :slight_smile: And causing more ques

No way they they can argue with this level of proff

remove the auction split. Also if bots can do these maybe its just boring filler content maybe they should be overhauled or something :confused:

can you look at twisting feiton t2 @Roxx @Shadow_Fox this bot are T3 and ruining the market for sure. they are like 14 of them are running every chaos gate are up. they still got raw gold from betting to like i just feel guilty about that.

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seems like you guys doesn’t care about T3 bot (it’s been 1 week)and only focus on t1 and t2…they are who ruining the market. @Roxx

and also this bot getting advantage from bringing 14 people … if 1 char got 180g (from someone who betting the map )wich mean they are got 2,5k free money LOL. @Shadow_Fox

Can someone manually review this, and ban them? Or “manual reviews” never happen around here?

they got even worst now LOL. even betting the map.