20 days in, still no luck - CM's/forum can reach the mods? @Roxx

So all the CM’s and Live chat people say they can’t contact the moderators in any way, the only way is through the “Appeal a ban Web Ticket”.
So how exactly did this “2300 gold recieved from a bus” thing get “investigated”. As the only way to contact these so called “mods” is through this Appeal a ban page.

I got banned around 20 days ago, been in countless chats in live support, made some posts on forum describing my position. Made countless appeals, all getting automated responses with different reasons for the ban, and different times for the ban to lift. (Im currently banned until the 15 october 2022) (Still not satisfied).

I made a video over on youtube showing all my bank transactions etc to use as a proof towards “RMT” which ive never participated in. My roster aint even crazy, considering ive done carries since launch of raids. Started playing at the 3 day headstart on launch. Roster:

This roster is a “bit” outdated, its from july 9th.
In the timeframe from 9th to 21th (the day i got banned) I just got my Lancemaster to 1445 and main scrapper to 1490.
Per week, i roughly made 100-140k from raids, depening on the current bus prices…
I have played everyday since launch, and done everything of dailies since then. And being taken as “RMT” is disgusting to me. When ive grinded countless hours in this game to get banned for X amount of months.

So @Roxx i think you are the one with “most” experience in Lost Ark of the CM’s. And it seems to me like you guys DO have a way to contact the Mods, “As they are the only one with tools to see why people got banned”. And therefor you guys must of said smth to the mods to make them check it up, and see if it was real that someone got banned for 2300 gold bus.

I would really like a way to get my appeal actually taken seriously and watched into. I made a video showing everything ive done online, all my transactions from daily stuff (food, rides) to online shopping. And some other stuff in there aswell.
Different conversations over on discord is also provided in the appeals.

IGN: Scrapnasto
Server: Neria
Most recent sent appeal: August 8th 17:38

Just to add->

I did a Argos bus the day before i got banned → you can see how my main is geared (Argos duo bus “1:27 in the video” alts all have lvl 5 gems, main doesnt have full 7’s yet either.
And also some quick videos showing that i actually do busses on regular basis. I just show one of each, cause no need to flood em.

prob rmted so ban deserved :+1:



Hello @Johnnast0,

I am sorry to hear of your scenario and how you believe the ban has not been correctly applied. Unfortunately, this topic is not suited for the support forums as we do not handle bans or ban appeals via this channel.

We would normally forward you to submit your appeal in a web ticket here Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games, if you have not already done so but given you mention you already have, the only advise we have left for you is to continue your communication via the Email you received in response to your appeal. Please bear in mind, if you have been informed about this being the final answer to your appeal, you will not be getting a different one by submitting multiple replies or appeals.

In regards to the reason for the ban, you will be informed of the cause in general but no specific details will be volunteered. Please do not submit multiple tickets as that will only delay a review of your penalty.

Given you are already aware of how the appeal process works and how the Support Forums are not a place where you can get assistance on this, I will be closing this thread.

Hope this clarifies your best course of action. :wolf: