20 days login reward - the Chamkuris!

Hello people! I thought I should start a thread where people can share screenshots of their chosen Chamkuris (20days login rewards) to help other people in the community see what they look like before choosing one. :slight_smile:

Which color did you pick? :smiley: Don’t forget to add a screenshot c:

EDIT: I found an article on Google that had a screenshot of all of them.

All Lost Ark Chamkuri Mount Colors - Which One Should You Pick? (thanks Roukaysa for the images, and thanks Titus D’souza for the article!)

I was 100% sure I was going for the mango one, but now I am feeling like Kiwi :smiley: What about you people? Which one do you like best?

You can find pictures of all mounts in this topic : All Chamkuri mounts from loggin reward.

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Thank you for sharing! Found an article on my own shortly after posting so made an edit! c: