20 euros to buy 100 pheons! MUST for a new players!

As a new players you are forced to shop 20 euro to buy 100 pheons.

You need to shop 20 euros to buy gold and with gold buy blue crystals.

Getting to 1370 you need 15+15 = Rings | 15+15 = Earrings | Neckles = 15 = 75 pheons

And NOW we are GAMBLING BOIZZZZZZZZ !!! Stone 1370 = 5 pheons

Correct me if I am wrong.

We hace free 9 pheons this week.

I have two characters over 1370 and haven’t spent a cent in the shop for this. The only thing I spent for is a vanity pet.

This game has the best F2P model I have seen. No need to spend anything in the shop. Just play the game.

First time buyer still have the option to get 2600 blue crystal for 1100 royal crystal under the reach level 50 box.

Single purchase per account only.

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You are wrong. Play chaos dungeons and find accessories with correct stats. Equip your free class engraving books, you are now 1x3 with proper stats. Run Oreha HM and Argos P1. Congratulations, you now have gold for Pheons.

Working as intended.

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Hargen 20 euro my friend 20 euro

I’m not sure tbh, maybe that was part of the first events/login rewards ? But I have bought quite a lot of accessories recently (didn’t want to be a 1x3 unoptimized burden in Argos MM which are already quite often failed), for both my main and my two alts, and I’ve still got 270something pheons, without having ever bought any Pheon in the F4 shop.

Ok, 9 per week is definitely not many. But I’m pretty sure that cumulating all sources, you’ll have enough to stuff your first char, and from then on, you’ll have made enough gold to buy additional to fine-tune your char or to stuff your alts.

(that doesn’t mean I disagree that Pheons are shit, but I’ve never felt the necessity of them yet, and my main is 1462)

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New players, have not accumulated all the free pheons given out since the game started. With honing buff and express it takes barely a few days to reach 1370 with 9 pheons(If they did the event and got currency) to their name, unable to afford even 1 accessory. If they powerpassed it’s worse as any gold gained is also restricted so unlike those who grinded, they can’t even gain gold to buy accs right away then get gatekept out of content.


curioushuman EXACTLY! you are forced to shop 20 euro as new player

yes you can keep saying that it will take you two years to progress in the game to reach 1500 with each of your alts those who invest money will take less in the end waiting at traffic lights like everyone else is bullshit if you have more alts you will enjoy the game more

Yeah that’s why I said I was not sure where those 400-500 I had came from - that was probably the first events I suppose.

But on another hand… The express pass gives you 50 chests of legendary accessories and 10 Gems I think, you have to be unlucky to not be able to get to at least 2x3 easily - which is more than enough to do Argos/Oreha and start piling accessories

pssstttttt… let me whisper you a tip… “you can use gold to buy pheon”

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Pheons are just there to make you grind more, sure you can buy them company’s make ways to earn money. But you can also grind and exchange gold for blue crystals.

Everything in this game is like that its a grind fest with shortcuts for who ever wants to spend real $$

And 100% not just for new players,

ChinGG let me whisper you a tip… as new player u r poor as …

The result of throwing new players into punika :man_shrugging:

Lack of common game knowledge, must be a cashgrab!


Absolutely wrong. Buy 2x 9 books ist get them with quests. Buy an argos boost. Buy 1 Stone. 3x3 done.

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Sorry, but you have that backwards. due to the weight of stats on those accs, you would have to be lucky to get useable accs from those chests. Personally, I got 0 on 2 accs. If it was guaranteed class, I would certainly agree with you. 95%+ of non class accs you get are unuseable.


Maybe I was lucky dunno, but my sharpshooter got 2x3 pretty easily after like 35 chests. The other 15 chests were used to try to improve stats or try to get another engraving at 1/2. It’s only with the Gems where I was pretty unlucky with none of the 10 having one desirable engraving haha, but my SS was still correctly geared. I’m pretty sure it’s not exaggerated to be at least 2x3 solely from the chests (and of course one free +6x2 from the engraving rare books minimum, as you can get them anywhere). 50 accessories is quite a huge roll, it’s impossible that none of them has correct engravings for your class

Not sure if you simply didn’t read what I wrote or just chose not to acknowledge it, but neither is the right way to have a conversation…

So you got 0 class or correct engraving for your class in 100 chests ? Pretty sure this is near impossible, hence why I dismissed that lie.

Of course if, as a newcomer, you’re chasing BiS 2 engravings + stats on the beginner chests… you’ll get none yeah. But that’s more a “you” problem. Those 50 chests give you a correct headstart maybe with suboptimal stats or with good engravings but not BiS ones, but more than enough to get you in the game until you loot/buy better stuff once you reach Legion raids activities (which is where it matters).

I see. So everything you don’t believe is a lie. I pity you and most certainly am no longer interested in this 1 sided conversation. Talking to walls is an action of mentally unstable individuals.